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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Au Revoir New York!

Tomorrow I start my ten week stint in the Missionary Training center...I guess this will be the first and last post by me in this blog! Here is some information for others who are called to Tahiti and have preparation questions.
  • When buying a bike, you can buy a bike at home and ship it to the mtc. the mtc holds Tahiti missionary bikes, and then sends them with the missionaries on the plane after their stay. Keep the bike disassembled and in the box to ship. You also must keep the receipt to claim the bike at customs when you get to Tahiti. Otherwise you're looking at a $1k or more expense for a "used bike in good repair".
  •  I am not sure how public they made the change, but khaki pants are allowed!
It's been so exciting to prepare and tell others about my mission call. I know the spirit will be with me as I learn to share Christ's love with all others I meet! Thank You for your support!

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