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Monday, June 29, 2015


29 June 2015 Tiarei
The camera lens doesn't quite capture the gradient
colors in the sky.
Well its incredible, but I got transferred for the last 5 weeks of my mission. I'm going to Moorea, Paopao. I’m pretty happy; it’ll be nice to be on an island again. My companion is another Vanuatu, named Elder Tokalolo. The transfer was actually a "special assignment" designed to help elders who have been out for a while but have difficulty taking the lead, assume the responsibility. 3 others from my group that finish in 5 weeks have a similar responsibility. All in all I can't complain, Moorea is GORGEOUS, and the ward there works like crazy so It’ll be a nice send out. There’re no telephone poles in Moorea :)

Elder Houde,Titiura et moi
Anyways, this week we had an awesome experience! Titiura had her baptismal interview. The one thing that was preventing her from baptism was marriage. Her boyfriend said he would never marry her. So what did she do? The day of her interview, she came with all her possessions packed in two bags and announced she was returning to live with her mother. She has an incredible testimony, and it was amazing to see her leave the terrible situation she was in. After the interview she took the bus to her mother's house, and that was that. If that isn’t a literal example of faith, I don’t know what is. Especially since she had a testimony after reading the first Brochure we gave her, we hadn’t even taught yet! Just goes to show you that this is the Lord's work, He touches hearts. Choices determine destiny. Baptism is Saturday, just before the transfer happens Monday.

Other than that it was a pretty average week. Its hard to believe I’m so close to the end!

Love you all!

Elder Molinari

Monday, June 22, 2015

Concert and Work

22 June 2015 Tiarei

This week was incredible in terms of work. We were busy every day until sundown with lessons. The end of each day we were completely fried mentally and physically. We have these moments during our end of day planning where I'll stop to think, and Elder Houde will as well. Then we will wake up 15 minutes later. It’s pretty funny.

Anyways, I'm not sure if I already shared the story, but one of our amis, Titiura, will be baptised July 4th. Her date was given to her in a dream. We didn’t even fix it. No big deal. When you have a very spiritual people, Heavenly Father can accomplish his work in a very spiritual way. That just lets you know a little bit how things work here in Tahiti.

Tuesday we had a lesson in a Faaapu (farm), which involved crossing the river. Luckily it hadn’t rained too much.

This is us in the Faaapu. I’m hiding among the Bushes. The bushes are called bird of Paradise, "oiseau de paradis", because of the flower in them. This is the flower-

This is where we teach lessons to latchkey children that don’t have anyone really that watch them, in the back of our pick up.

Other news...I can site-read most hymns now on the piano. It’s been a little less than a year that I play every Sunday. It’s helped me improve a ton piano wise. Who knew that a little Chopin revival before leaving on my mission would have come in handy? Maybe I'll tie in a little engagement for all those reading this week. Break a habit and try something new. By that I mean, try to develop a new talent or skill. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy some day? ;)

We did the first of a series of missionary concerts this week. IT was really nice to see everyone, and to sing for an enormous audience! There must have been over a 1000 people! The concerts were, nice and the testimonies born were great as well. My favorite was my buddy Elder Franco. He bore a killer testimony in Tahitian. We will be doing more concerts throughout July, and even next Sunday. Did someone say road trip?

This photo is my companion, Elder Houde, Elder Gouttin, and I. He's a French elder that came with us at the same time. We finish together. We stole a big bag of popcorn after one of the rehearsals and ate as much as we could!

Today we went to a beach to play soccer. I cut my toe pretty badly on a shell. Tahiti problems.

Love you all!

Elder Molinari

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


15 June 2015 Tiarei
Auguste et moi

I realized last week I had sent photos, but not written a letter! The biggest thing that happened last week was Auguste's Baptism. It was awesome, and I absolutely love this guy. He's super funny, and is always cracking these dry jokes that just make me laugh so hard. Here’s the abridged version of his story.

We can’t find people. Say prayer. Go to end of road that leads to nowhere. Find Auguste. Auguste accepts lessons. We find out Auguste had tons of contact with the church as an adolescent. Lessons start. 2 weeks go by. Spirit bears powerful witness of the truth of the restoration to Auguste. Baptism fixed for following week. Auguste lives all the commandments and aligns his life completely with the gospel. Baptism. Miracle. Then Sunday, he got the Aaronic priesthood, and since we had two of our investigators getting it at the same time, he received, and then immediately got to participate in giving it. What an incredible experience. Miracles happen, God prepares people for us, and if we ask we receive.

We also have almost no P-day anymore because of concert rehearsals. Luckily the last one was today. As a treat president let us all watch “Meet the Mormons,” in French. It was awesome. My favorite story was the world war two bomber guy.

This week we had a genealogy activity at the church where we talked about the booklet my Family and how to fill out ascendance sheets. We had 15 amis, I'd say it was a success. Well I know that the genealogy is mostly done on The Norwegian side, I’m excited to do it on the Italian side.

Last week I had been missing teaching principles of the Gospel Sunday (I’ve kind of picked up the habit). Well, Heavenly Father worked things out so I could teach, but not only that, he inspired a couple we teach to come to church. The husband is a rather skeptical guy, and we never really get to have a good conversation because he's always diverging during the lessons. Well, we only did one lesson with them but it was difficult. So I had said to Elder Houde, the next time we see them we need to teach the atonement, one of the most doctrinally satisfying topics we can teach. Well, Sunday it just so happened that the lesson I got to teach was my favorite, the atonement. By the end it was obvious that they were visibly touched by the spirit and authority of the lesson topic. Let’s see if there’s progress this week *wink*

Elder Smith, whom I trained, moi and Elder Fareata,
who Smith is training. Three generations!
Well...that’s about all I have to say that I can think of at the moment.

Faaitoito outou

Elder Molinari

Monday, June 8, 2015


8 June 2015 Tiarei

So we had the baptism for Auguste this week! It was AWESOME! Auguste is the one in the middle. To the left is our ward mission leader named Frère Perry, and all the way to the left is Frère Gomis, a ward missionary.

Elder Houde is on the right end. I think I mentioned that he is from Montreal. His mother is French and his father is French Canadian and Native American. He already spoke French before coming here and he speaks English fluently. His French is like French French, but with an accent Canadian. It’s pretty cool!

Auguste et moi

We went to Auguste's house after the baptism since he didn’t have anything planned. We watched "How Rare a Possession" the film with Vincenzo di Francesca. It was awesome.

Like most of the flowers here this one is just growing wild. It is a pretty exotic one. I thought it was a good photo then I realized there's a bug on the petal *sigh..

I got my birthday package this morning – only a week after my actual birthday, but it was like having another birthday. I enjoy all the fruit. 

I celebrated my birthday with the family Temanaha Moo. They have 2 sons on missions right now. They are twins. One is in Japan, the north and another is in Colorado. They were in the MTC the same time as me and finish the end of July.

I tried to get a cool picture...but my camera is just not good enough to describe the pure awesomeness of what a full moon is here.

Another shot of the moon. The trail it makes in the ocean is astounding. That’s a little motu out in the distance. The lights are from the fishermen there. The light is incredible on the water. This is the 4th moon I’ve had here, and finally I told Elder Houde I needed a picture. This one is from the side of the road.

Okay, have a nice week. I love you all.

Io vi voglio bene!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Emille's Baptism

Emille is in the middle
1 June 2015 (my birthday) Tiarei

We had Emille's baptism this week, and it was really nice. IT was super early in the morning, but we still had a good turn out from the ward. He's been waiting for a long time to be able to be baptized. Emille's a papi we've been teaching for a few months. He hasn't missed a Sunday since we started. Finally he was able to be baptised this Saturday.

It was awesome.

We taught, contacted and did everything in Tahitian because he doesn't speak French. He's a spiritual powerhouse! When we first found him he didn’t talk very much, and had a difficult time understanding the gospel. But ever since we contacted him he hasn’t missed a Sunday, and we've just seen him open up like a flower these last few months. It was incredible to see his faith and determination. Somewhere along the lines the spirit bore witness to him of the truth, and after that he couldn’t be stopped.

We found an enormous amount of people to teach this week, it was awesome. We also found a couple named Teiho and Vaitiare. I think I wrote about Teiho last week, and this week we saw his copine with him. She told us that the week before we had found Teiho, she had been praying that they would be led to the truth and apply the gospel in their lives. After that, we found Teiho, and he told us that normally he would never accept anyone like us, but he felt something push him to say yes. It was a really neat experience.

We had 2 "mini" missionaries with us this week. They have sent their papers (ed note: application for missionary service) in and are waiting for calls. They were with us all this week, and it was awesome. The one with glasses is named Samuel Hootini, and the other Benson.
The "mini" missionaries aren't really miniature.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I love you all!

Elder Molinari