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Monday, June 8, 2015


8 June 2015 Tiarei

So we had the baptism for Auguste this week! It was AWESOME! Auguste is the one in the middle. To the left is our ward mission leader named Frère Perry, and all the way to the left is Frère Gomis, a ward missionary.

Elder Houde is on the right end. I think I mentioned that he is from Montreal. His mother is French and his father is French Canadian and Native American. He already spoke French before coming here and he speaks English fluently. His French is like French French, but with an accent Canadian. It’s pretty cool!

Auguste et moi

We went to Auguste's house after the baptism since he didn’t have anything planned. We watched "How Rare a Possession" the film with Vincenzo di Francesca. It was awesome.

Like most of the flowers here this one is just growing wild. It is a pretty exotic one. I thought it was a good photo then I realized there's a bug on the petal *sigh..

I got my birthday package this morning – only a week after my actual birthday, but it was like having another birthday. I enjoy all the fruit. 

I celebrated my birthday with the family Temanaha Moo. They have 2 sons on missions right now. They are twins. One is in Japan, the north and another is in Colorado. They were in the MTC the same time as me and finish the end of July.

I tried to get a cool picture...but my camera is just not good enough to describe the pure awesomeness of what a full moon is here.

Another shot of the moon. The trail it makes in the ocean is astounding. That’s a little motu out in the distance. The lights are from the fishermen there. The light is incredible on the water. This is the 4th moon I’ve had here, and finally I told Elder Houde I needed a picture. This one is from the side of the road.

Okay, have a nice week. I love you all.

Io vi voglio bene!