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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another Week

25 May 2015 Tiarei

Well, not exactly. It was the first full week I passed with my new companion, Elder Houde. He's absolutely awesome, love the Elder to death. I now understand the difference between "compatible" and "complimentary". Most of my companionships were "compatible" companionships. But this one, like with Elder Kokona, we are "complimentary". Meaning we have differing and similar qualities, which create a very versatile and powerful team.

Elder Houde et moi

We found an enormous amount of new investigators this week, and for this coming week. One of my favorite moments from this week was from a lesson with Teiho (tay -i-sho). We taught about the sealing power and the restoration. At the end we taught him how to pray and asked him to ask if what we had taught was true. HIs response was interesting. HE said something to the effect of, guys, I'm going to make this a whole lot simpler. I know something is true when I feel it. There is a certain feeling I get when I feel the spirit. When I was talking with you guys, I knew it was true, I had that feeling. We told him to pray anyways, but its always awesome when people remark the response during the lessons. That’s one other thing I like about my new companion. We feel the spirit almost exactly the same way, its super cool being companions with someone just as aware of the spirit during lessons and other situations.

So my invitation for all of you is to try to get more connected with the spirit this week. Turn the volume down. Unplug. Try and really feel the peace that comes from living the gospel. Love you all!

Elder Molinari

Another sunset

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's So Late!

18 May 2015 Tiarei

Sorry for the lateness of my letter! We were at Papeete for most of the day doing a rehearsal for a missionary concert we will be doing in June.

My companion was transferred, and my new companion is Elder Houde! He's from Quebec, which relatively speaking, is not too far from New York. In fact, I think he's the Elder in the mission that lives the closest to me :) He's super awesome and a really hard worker; exactly what I wanted. We're gonna rock it here.

As for things that happened this week, we had lots of cancelled lessons...I should know better than to call before hand and ask if it’s still good :|

Turns out, the international driver’s permit is linked to my license, but I told Elder Houde he can drive, so no worries with the permit.

Editor’s note: his driver’s license expires on his birthday, June 1. He will renew when he comes home.

Oh! I forgot my camera, so I'll send pictures next week!

Sorry, this letter was rather drab. But! I love you all, thank you for your eMails and support!


Elder Molinari

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


11 May 2015 Tiarei

It rained a lot this week. Big tropical rain storms, but its starting to be the season of wind and rain. The nights are getting cooler, sometimes you want a sweatshirt when there's a breeze.

We participated in the challenge that our mission President gave us to find 15 new investigators in the last 3 weeks. Most were found in the last few days (we procrastinated a bit xP). Even with the procrastination, with mighty prayer and very wet socks and umbrellas we managed to find them all. Miracle.

Transfer calls will be coming this week or the next, but I think I'm going to finish here. However, it would be nice to do one last excursion >.>

The Skype call was nice. We'll see each other pretty soon though! Now all my skype calls and general conferences on my mission are finished!

We were going to play beach soccer today but it didn't work out - they were putting new sand on the field...and of course it was on P-day :x

We got to go to the temple 2 times in the last two weeks, once with the Elders and HItiaa, and another time with the Elders of Faaripo and Papenoo (perks of being the one with the car). It was really nice and a great recharge for the weeks to come. Going to the temple really gives us blessings of mental stamina. Its a good wind down session where we focus just on the plan of salvation. Exactly what I needed this week!

This week we were teaching an ami named Hinerava. We just started the plan of Salvation lesson, which I love because its really during this lesson that our amis (friends) develop a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson, which was a discussion based around 2 nephi 2, we asked if she had any questions or comments. At which she looked at us and said something to the effect of , "well that was really clear". Then she proceeded to tell us how clear the Book of Mormon is and the doctrine. Moments like that can make a week.

Love you all! Faaitoito

Elder Molinari

Friday, May 8, 2015

Another Week - just pictures

This dog joined us one day and followed us around for about four quartiers

Sunset from the drivers seat of the car

Another angle of the same sunset, from the same drivers seat.