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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's So Late!

18 May 2015 Tiarei

Sorry for the lateness of my letter! We were at Papeete for most of the day doing a rehearsal for a missionary concert we will be doing in June.

My companion was transferred, and my new companion is Elder Houde! He's from Quebec, which relatively speaking, is not too far from New York. In fact, I think he's the Elder in the mission that lives the closest to me :) He's super awesome and a really hard worker; exactly what I wanted. We're gonna rock it here.

As for things that happened this week, we had lots of cancelled lessons...I should know better than to call before hand and ask if it’s still good :|

Turns out, the international driver’s permit is linked to my license, but I told Elder Houde he can drive, so no worries with the permit.

Editor’s note: his driver’s license expires on his birthday, June 1. He will renew when he comes home.

Oh! I forgot my camera, so I'll send pictures next week!

Sorry, this letter was rather drab. But! I love you all, thank you for your eMails and support!


Elder Molinari