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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A note from the editor...

30 December 2014
As suspected, Elder Molinari did not send an update for this week. I am sure he felt that since he had just spoken with us on Christmas Day, he didn’t have anything to say. I will try to capture some of the things we talked about during our video chat.

He called us from a member’s home and was using their i-Pad. He was seated at a table inside the house with the i-Pad flat on the table, so we could see the corrugated steel roof inside the house. There was an opening at the top of the wall where the roof connected to allow air to flow freely. He looked good. His face showed signs of perspiration and he constantly swatted at mosquitoes as we talked. We could hear birds chirping and he actually showed us the view outside.

Before his mission, this fair-skinned young man was very sensitive to mosquito bites. The bites would swell and turn red, sometimes leaving marks for extended periods of time. On occasion, he would even feel ill from insect bites. He commented that he thinks he is immune to them now. “After I get a bite, it turns red and then after a few minutes, it goes away.”

They had had a Christmas Eve gathering at the mission home the night before. All of the missionaries from the zones surrounding Papeete participated. Districts of about 6 missionaries were responsible for a musical number or a skit. Elder Molinari said that their initial plans were too complicated to do successfully, so they just sang a simple hymn arrangement of a Christmas song. He said it was the best because it was serious and the others tried to be humorous or clever, but weren’t.

Their plan was to spend the night in Papeete. Instead they chose to drive home after the celebration. He said it was a long ride home, but that didn’t stop him from opening his Christmas package from us that he received while at the mission home. He got to bed very late that night, but he said it was worth it!

He plans to be in Tautira until February. That is when he will finish training his new companion, Elder Kokona. They seem to get along very well together. We were able to speak with Elder Kokona. He thanked us for the chocolates and the goofy Christmas tie we sent. He was as friendly as Elder Molinari had reported previously.

Elder Kokona, which means coconut, said Elder Molinari is very funny. They shared with us some Biswali or Bismali or ??? language (we asked three times), which is what Elder Kokona speaks. It seems to be a hybrid of English and I-don’t-know-what. “Nehm blonga meh” and “Nehm blonga u” translates to “My name is” and “Your name is”.

At some point in the conversation, Elder Molinari’s sister, who is serving a mission in Tokyo, joined the conversation. She didn’t want to hear anything about how hot it is in Tahiti. She says it’s freezing in Japan right now. It is actually in the high 40’s which isn’t very cold at all compared to winter temperatures in upstate New York, where they grew up. It was about 87 in Tautira, which is a bit higher than the usual 84. It is summer there and always hot and humid. Tautira seems to get a lot of cloud cover and rain to go with it.

It was fun to hear Elder Molinari speak in French and to see that he is doing well. He says he has lost about 10 pounds while being in Tautira. They bike everywhere they go. Since the area they work in is not very close to their house they burn a lot of calories biking 25-30 kilometers a day (15 to not quite 20 miles).

Elder Molinari commented that he has completed his full calendar year in the mission. During a two-year mission, you typically spend one entire year (from January to December) on your assignment. For him, that is 2014; which is drawing to a close. He will remain in the mission field for another eight months until August 10, 2015 (giving him two extra weeks in Tahiti). Then he has to come home!

He clearly loves being in Tahiti. He loves the people, the culture, the food, the work, the languages, the scenery; not so much the mosquitoes and the heat and humidity. In order to be successful on a mission assignment like this, one needs to learn to love the people. I think he has been very successful in accomplishing this. As with most people who spend extended periods in island cultures, it has become part of him. It is going to be very difficult for him to leave.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Elder Molinari did not send an entry for this week. We suppose he is thinking that he will speak with family on Christmas, so he doesn't need to write anything!
Christmas is one of two times missionaries actually get to speak with family while they are serving as missionaries. The other time is Mother's Day. 
I will try to capture what he tells us on Thursday and make an entry from that. Look for it later in the week. In the mean time, I have a short piece that he wrote to the youth in our stake (local church unit) a few months ago. Missionaries who were currently serving were asked to provide advice for the youth who are preparing to serve missions. Here is what he had to say:

IAORANA TATOU! (yo-rah-nah tah-toh) (the response is iaorana)

Missions are a blast. A mission is a microcosm of life. You will have so many varying experiences, in such a short time its almost too much to take in. If you want to be "prepared" for your mission, work now to establish lasting habits (emphasis added).

These habits include but are not limited to, daily prayer, daily repentance, daily scripture study, and some sort of work ethic. Now I'm not saying that you need to be perfect in all of these, because I'm not, but establishing habits such as these will provide you with powerful spiritual fortifications, and invaluable spiritual experiences. Also, learn how to have fun. Missions should be fun, and you should be able to find joy in the work that is being done.

We are Heavenly Father's children, and he loves us. His plan is perfect. He sent Jesus Christ to the earth to save mankind. Love motivates every action of our Heavenly Father. Our progression is so important and precious to him, that he risks the chance to lose us, in order to give us all he has. I know he loves me. I know he loves you. Perhaps the most important thing you will share on your mission is that God loves us. As an authorized representative of Jesus Christ, I bear witness that He is the ultimate representation of God's love for us.

I bear witness that He Loves us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, Amen.

Orometua Molinari

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snow melts in Tahiti.

Vallee de Tautira

I don't know why I put that as the title, Its just SUPER hot in Tahiti in December. I don't really notice it as much as I did last year because I'm used to swimming in my sweat by now...but still.

We had a great week. Heremiti's baptism is going to happen the 27th of this month, and we're all excited for it. She's a little girl who's parents are inactive who we teach with her grandfather, and her dad. She's super awesome and responds to all our questions - even if she doesn't know the answer. We had a miracle in our district this week. First of all I'd like to put a plug for best District of the year *cough* maybe I'm being a little prideful. I just have the best sisters in the mission to work with. We went from 2 total fixed baptisms to 9 as a district in a week. Super proud of all the missionaries in my district. And we will be having 5 of those 9 the 27th of December. What a great after Christmas present for the Lord. Anyways, pray with us that those baptisms will all go through without problem.

I don't have much time to write because we went fishing this morning as a zone, and then rehearsed our Christmas song we are going to sing for the mission Christmas party the 24th. Its "Mary did you know" by Pentatonix. Super cool singing group, if you have the chance check out their other Christmas stuff. Anyways, that would be about all I have time to write this week.

Spiritual thought... Charity. Have charity its the best virtue. Beats all the others. Moroni 7 read it, love it.

Take a look at this video:

Love you all, have a good last week of school.

Monday, December 8, 2014

New Companion

8 December 2014 Tautira
This is Tautira Valley. It's Awesome!

Elder Kokona et moi

I got my new companion on Wednesday this last week. He is so awesome. He's super nice and friendly, and really likes to do missionary work. And....luckily he speaks French, and English a bit. But, his accent is sooooooooooo thick I have trouble understanding him a lot of the time.

He's under the impression that I'm the funniest person alive. I don't have to do much to make him laugh, really love the guy. He talks to everyone. Which is something awesome about him, so he just goes off and starts talking to people and I come up behind -normally it’s because I’m talking with someone- and then we fix lessons. We're a really good team.

So this was SUPER funny. Elder Kokona is unpacking and he pulls out his sandals. That he brought from Vanuatu. Guess what he had? A pair of Tevas, AND a pair of old worn out navy blue Old Navy Flip flops! Guess who else wears Tevas and a pair of old worn out navy blue Old Navy flip flops? This companionship was destined to be. It was so incredible I took a picture.

Today we hiked up a mountain in our sector that overlooks Tautira village. The Dz's (ed note: zone leaders), the elders from Toahotu, and the Sisters from Taravao and Elder Kokona and I were there. There’s a giant cross at the top of the hike. It was kinda short around 20 minutes, but it was really steep. It was a nice hike. It’s always funny to see your sector from a birds- eye view, it makes everything seem even smaller.

Not much else to say. Just feel really good. Better than I've felt in a long time! Have a great week and love you all! I guess we can start thinking about Skype! It’ll probably be around noon on Christmas Day for us here, maybe 10-12. [Ed. note: This is one of two phone calls missionaries are allowed to make home - Christmas and Mother's Day]

Love you all! 

Elder Molinari

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, It Was Inevitable

1 December 2014

I got the Chikungunya! 

It's pretty terrible. It attackscartilage and joints. For some reason it decided to attack my sternum, who knew that you used your sternum in EVERY body movement you can make. I got it Saturday and I still have it. It lasts a while.
Moi, Moeava et Olsen

Oh, that’s right, transfers. Elder Olsen is going, I’m staying....and I’m training. Elder Olsen is going to Tahaa. The elder I’m training is from Vanuatu, a group of islands from around Fiji, I think? Anyways, if he’s like the other Vanuatans that have come here he won’t speak English nor French. Sooooo, I'm going to have to train someone I can’t communicate with....sick. This should be interesting. Anyways this means I will have 2 sons! (a son is someone you train) so I'll be here in Tautira until February!

We also had Tinitua's baptism. It was really nice, however I was a little disappointed because not very many people came. Before my mission I never realized how important it was to go to other people’s baptisms, especially the baptisms of investigators. Alors, please go to other people's baptisms.

My district in Tautira
Slice of Rainbow cake
Rainbow cake (note water line!)
Oh, the elder I’m training is named Elder Kokona, which in Bishlama means coconut. So ill be training elder coconut in Tahiti :)

Ok that’s all the time I have this week! Love you all! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Companion Had a Birthday and Got....

24 November 2014 Tautira

Chikungunya. So I'll probably get it soon. Looks fun...not really.

We have a baptism this weekend for Tinitua, Augustine's son. It's gonna be awesome. It's too bad we couldn't get things figured out for Augustine at the same time. But, she supports Tinitua 100% and will help him stay active. That's the key for me when you teach and baptise kids, they need a parental support most of the time. We've kind of hit that point where we need to go out and do some serious searching, so thats probably what we are going to do this week; renew our investigator pool.

We had a zone activity last week.
We made pizza and played sports. It was fun. But it took my letter writing time.

So Elder olsen got a high fever. Then he got lots of joint pain, and not only that a rash everywhere. That itches badly. I really hope I don't get it.

These drawings aren't very good, they were mostly for comic relief. 
They were done in about a minute or less :) We got a good laugh from them! 
I've been studying all the chapters in the Book of Mormon where the prophets are quoting each other/ teaching about justice and mercy. 2 Nephi 2, 9 Mosiah 3/4, Alma 42...the list goes on. I found one of my favorite verses in alma 42 the other day. Its Alma 42:24. The reason I love it so much is it builds off of Lehi’s statement of opposition in all things. We have justice in opposition to mercy as a motif in all the speeches and then this verse comes along. In French there are such things as masculinity of objects its not just a "the" like in English but "le" for masculine and "la" for feminine. In French its just part of the language but its something that English speakers aren't used to. 

However, object masculinity did exist in English, and this verse here is one of the few that preserves it. So it says justice exerciseth all "his" demands and mercy claimeth all "her" own. Its super cool that you see that example of masculinity in the language, but not only that you have the gender opposites in the same verse. Thus adding to the "opposition" of the verse. Justice, mercy, He, she. and it finishes with probably my favorite word to describe those who will have eternal life; penitent. Its just an absolutely incredible verse, as well as an absolutely incredible chapter. I'm not sure how many times I've read it now but its incredible to cross reference it with 2 Nephi 2.

Well those are my thoughts for the week. Love you all!

Monday, November 10, 2014


10 November 2014 Tautira

This week was rather odd because everyone is gone collecting; fishing for "troche." It’s this large shell mollusk thing. Once a year, the government authorizes fishing for them and then Chinese people come and buy the shells by the Tons! So everyone is doing it, and they do it all day! However that didn’t totally block our week.

Here are a few troche before and after. Before they look pretty much like shells. 
After they are dipped in sulphuric acid they sparkle! They are also called tops shells.


We worked with a member named Soeur Rose who is actually from Tiapa my old Sector. She happened to stop us on the street and it happened to be me the missionary here and then she decided that we would go and visit her family. That was last week and the visit we did was on Thursday. It was awesome, and was the first time her family had accepted missionaries.

Her sister accepted the lessons and then we ate maa tahiti and I chatted on Tahitian with her father. He has some pretty interesting opinions about things, kinda Christian-tahitian-legends-fishing mix of religion. He was quite a riot. Other than that Tutea's girlfriend came to a lesson with us and she absolutely loved it. She was touched by our way of praying; that it was so personal and directly for them. She'll be coming to more lessons from now on.

Elder Pearson of the 70 came to visit us and we had a really awesome conference with him. He talked about recognizing the spirit. All of his insights were really awesome. He stressed again the fact that if we want revelation we need to ask more questions. I invite all of you to read his talk from the ensign called “how to improve my personal prayer/improving personal prayer” or something like that. I think he quoted a lot of that

Ok, Love you all.

Have a good week!

Elder Molinari

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big Fast

This week was pretty good. Saturday to Sunday we participated in a fast with the entire pacific region. It was pretty cool to know that we were fasting with thousands of other people. We fasted for the missionary work in this region. We found some really cool investigators this week, one of them is the sister of a member that finally decided to try the lessons. We used the short film Because of Him in the contact and it went super well...even though she didn't come to church Sunday!! The 1st of November was All saints day. Its a holiday where people respect all there dead. They go and decorate the tombs of their ancestors with flowers and white sand.

We dressed up for Halloween! I guess it's technically against the rules, but I really could have used a bowler hat.

Our bike helmets will have to do!

So on this side of the island there is a ton of Lobster. Mami Viviane decided to bring us some Sunday night. It was excellent, however it's always so disturbing eating lobster. Freaks you out.

Not much else happened this week...Oh! We fixed 2 baptisms, it should be three, but we still have to fix a marriage date with Augustine. We fixed her sons baptism for the 29th this month, and then another Ami de Léglise that came out of nowhere named Tutea Tehina for the 13th December. Tutea actually took the lessons 7-6 years ago and wanted to be baptised, but couldn't because his father wouldn't let him. Well has father recently passed away, and he still knew that the church was true so the first thing he does is get us to come over and teach him again. We saw that he was committed and had already gained a testimony so we fixed his date our second contact. It was pretty awesome, he's pretty awesome as well.

Editor's Note: I included this picture because it shows a little bit of the interior of the house he is currently living in. It appears to be the most luxurious of any he has lived in. They are more typically concrete block buildings with a metal roof. This one is a proper house. He may be a little spoiled after being here for a while. 

The package was from good friends, The Browns. Marilyn had her adorable grandchildren make drawings to be included. 

The picture came with the following note: "Thank you for the package, and AMAZING art that was inside. The package came on Halloween and the candy was much appreciated. However I think I appreciated the fruit bars the most! :) Love you all!"

Remember the power of fasting! In Matthew 9:14-15 a question is asked to Christ. About why his disciples don't fast. The response teaches us that we need to be fasting, regularly because Christ is not with us physically. By fasting we invite his presence.

I love you all, Have a great week!

Elder Molinari

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another week...

27 October 2014 Tautira

The hermit crab that came to visit our house.
We tried to find him a bigger shell, but he wasn't interested.
As far as weeks go, this one was pretty ordinary. However, for the first time we had more than 1 investigator at church Sunday, we had 4! It was great.

Augustine has been sharing the gospel with everyone she sees, its incredible. She has really taken Elder Bednar's talk to heart. We also had a movie night at their house and watched the Joseph Smith Film. It was great because her husband watched about half of it, and the family we teach across the road came to watch as well. It only strengthened Augustine's testimony to see exactly what happened.

We've done a LOT of biking as well. Turns out we bike close to 15 kilometri (ed. note: just over 9 miles) each day, then Saturday we biked 27kilometers (ed. note:almost 17 miles). That was a lot. But, its not too bad since we are used to it. They said there was a good chance we would gain weight here in Tahiti, but if you're on bike I think its impossible. No new news for the car, I guess we're back to hoping we can have one...

Elder Gifford Neilsen and his wife of the 70 came to visit us on Tuesday, and we had an all day conference. He was super awesome, as well as his wife. He talked a lot about being respectfully bold when we do missionary work. Him and his wife were pretty funny, he gave a talk in general conference called "the game plan" or something like that. He was super tall.

Ok! That's all I have time for this week! Love you all a ton!

Elder Molinari

White chicken who caught us taking pictures of her.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Feel Like Paul

21 October 2014 Tautira
The moon was super bright and
its reflection was cool on the water.
Well this week we had a lot of cancelled lessons, but Heavenly Father helped us fill in the holes with inactives/ new contacts. We had a great first contact with someone named Thierry (pronounced tcherry). 
  He talked for a while, then finally when we had listened to all he had to say we taught the rétablissement on the first contact. He had sooo many questions when we started but he got quieter and quieter as we taught. Then we got to Joseph Smith and the first vision. After, he looked quite shocked. He said it was as if something hit him in the chest. After a little silence the first thing he said was, "you'll soon convince me to be a Mormon". That's literally what he said. All I could think of was Paul before King Agrippa when he said that (Acts 26:28). It was a great first contact.

I'm not sure I've ever been so tired. I can fall asleep on place, anywhere. We'll have a car soon this week or next. President is quite pleased with our work. We didn’t see Terai this week, but we left them a pineapple that someone had given us. We taught Augustine about the fast, and she fasted the next day that her family would follow her choice, especially her kids. Later that week we were finally able to do a lesson with her son - he said yes! Then we did this lesson at an investigator Janine's house, and it turned into a mini primary. all the kids from the families living in the house came, we had about 8 kids all singing I am a Child of God. It was an awesome lesson.
I'm not sure if this rivals your moth, Sister Molinari,
but these moths are always coming into our house at night.
Lots of miracles: We were biking to go to lunch and I felt like we needed to go to a member's house named Papi Rere. So we went and his granddaughter (5 years old) was there with her mother. She had just started to get sick and have a fever, and it hadn't been a long time since they had gotten back. We came just in time to give a blessing and then continue on our way. Sunday she was running around like normal. It was a nice little miracle for us, and maybe for the family. Listening to the spirit always leads us to those who need us, no matter how little they are.

Ok, I love you all no matter what!

Elder Molinari

Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Week

13 October 2014 Tautira
Tuahu's Baptism. We filled the font too much so it overflowed when we got in!
We had Tuahu's baptism this week. It was great! This ward hasn't had a baptism since March, so it was a really nice ceremony. When the time came for him to bear his testimony he got up and walked out. It was pretty funny. It was because he left his little paper with notes on it in the bathroom when he was changing. To everyone else though, it looked like he was fleeing from the testimony. After that he gave a testimony in Tahitian, when he had told his mother he wanted to do it in French. You gotta love overbearing Tahitian mamis.

We had tons of amis that watched General Conference. It was awesome. Terai, watched it all at work, and liked it so much she is watching it again! However her husband isn't very happy...pray for her. Also this week our district organized a tri-ward film night for our investigators. It went pretty well, except for the day of, one of the Bishops going A-wall and trying to call the whole thing off. Luckily the voice of District Leader is stronger <.< We did it anyways cus we got one of the other Bishops to pull through for us. It went well and the sisters got several new investigators because of it.

Transfers were this week but like I thought I’m not going anywhere. Which I'm happy about because this sector is awesome.
Elder Olsen, Tuahu et moi
Spiritual thoughts...I'm all out. I finished the book of Mormon in French this week it was nice; now I've gotta get going on Tahitian, I stopped somewhere in Mosiah.

My spiritual thought is from one of our lessons with Terai this week. We had finished the Plan of Salvation and at the end she seemed a little quiet; we asked if she had any questions. She said, "you guys have grown up knowing this. Imagine what it must be like for me now. It’s incredible, its LOGICAL, it’s something that makes perfect sense." It was a pretty awesome moment of my mission. In fact there were lots of moments this week when the spirit taught our investigators things we didn't even say. I always love moments like that.

Anyways, spiritual thought, let the spirit teach; just do your best and the spirit does the rest.

Love you all!

Elder Molinari

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference Week

6 October 2014 Tautira

This week went well. Tuahu had his baptismal interview and he passed with flying colors. It’s been really great to see the change in him as we've done the lessons. He's slightly handicapped, but functional enough that he could live on his own. Before he was super quiet, didn't ever look you in the eyes and was very unsure of himself. Now he directs the lessons, responds to question looking you in the face and appears much much happier. His baptism is this Saturday and we are all very excited and pleased. His grandmother asked him the day of the interview if he really wanted to get baptised in that patronizing Tahitian Grandmother way. He responded with "I'm ready" which touched her, and when she told us the story during his interview it was pretty awesome to receive the confirmation that our investigator is 100% ready for baptism. We were very happy. Augustine and Marcelin have started or have already quit smoking. It’s a pretty awesome miracle. 

In other news Augustine came to conference. She only came for the last part of the Sunday session - but if she could have come for any of them that was the one. Elder Bednar nailed it at the end. We had the joke in the English room that he was running anchor. I guess you could say that he won the race. I hope some of our other amis got to watch the conference as well-we'll find out this week.

I think the theme of conference for me was focus. All of the talks seemed to address the basics and the fundamental things we need to be doing in order to stay free from the influence of the world. There were also a lot of teachings for parents. I thought it was funny when president Eyring's mother told him to start praying for a good wife - while he was in high school. Guess I have a lot of ground to make up.

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. We've recently lost our way to send pictures, so we are going to try to find a member that has a computer that works. The chapel computer doesn't read USBs for some reason...its odd.

It’s really nice every once and a while to get reminded that the church is a global organization, not an American church, not one of the 5 churches on a tiny island in the pacific, not just a casual gathering place. It really is the growing, and powerful kingdom of God on the Earth.

I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Molinari

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pushing On!

29 September 2014 Tautira

Well, we are still pushing on. This week we had Zone conference. President and Souer Bize came and it was nice. We had our interviews and then we went home pretty late, the conference lasted all day...and it was sooo hot in the chapel! We were all beat by the end of the day and we didn't even do anything!

The highlight from the meeting for me was the interview. President said I'm a "bosseur". I wasn't exactly sure what that meant in French so I thought he was calling me a boss. Went home and looked it up. It actually means hard worker...oh well, for a moment I thought I was living up to my baseball cap.

It actually was dry a little this week. Dry enough that the waterfalls are all dried up again.

The baptism of Tuahu is coming up, he will have his interview this week, and we are pretty excited! He's got a pretty good handle on all the principles now, the difference is incredible between when we first came to teach him and how he is now. He speaks up a lot more and has an enormous increase in confidence. Augustine's husband is no longer against her joining the Church/going to church! Now we just have to get a marriage sorted out...<.<

Well, President said if the work continues to push forward like this we'll get...not a car, another equipe of missionaries! That would be pretty cool. Alors, our new goal - split the sector. However, Elder Olsen and I are so tired of biking all over the place. When I say tired I mean physically exhausted. The 8 hours of sleep never seems very long. We can literally fall asleep on command or -without command- anywhere.

Just another story to help us not judge others: This week one of our investigators, Marcelin, was a little late to his lesson. So we decided to chat with his concubine, Trine. We'd only said hello, up to that point and all the missionaries before us didn't really talk with her. They told us that she is "terrifying, the reason Mercelin can't be baptised" yadda yadda yadda.

Apparently she takes lessons from time to time with the Temoigne Jehovas. So, this time we could actually talk to her. She is from Ahe in the tuamotus. She knows tons of members and missionaries and took the lessons for a long time when she lived there. we weren't expecting that at all!

Apparently, she was going to be adopted by 2 rich Norwegians that lived there as well, but her grandfather didn't want her to be. Well...she’s got a second chance with two more Norwegians (two Norwegian dads (ed note: he and his companion)), only this time she will be adopted by Christ - hopefully. I hope she participates in the next lesson with us. She was pretty awesome. So don't judge people, ever.

Well, the USB doesn't work today, so no pictures. Sorry.

Love you all!

Elder ^^°|;n@r;

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

another week of CRAZYNESS!

We were so booked this week, I'm still trying to recover from the busyness. Its been great though, Heavenly Father is helping us a TON here. Even though we are having a difficult time getting members to lessons.


When I say miracle, its just the fact that the majority of our investigators read the Book of Mormon - how epic is that? We have had some awesome discussions as well. My favorite lesson would have to be the plan of salvation at the moment. You teach it, put everything in perspective, its all explained so eloquently by Lehi in 2 Nephi 2 (ed. note: scripture reference from the Book of Mormon), and people just understand. Absolutely love it. That moment when you see that someone understands why Jesus Christ is so important. Everyone knows or thinks he was important, but not very many people know why, thank you Book of Mormon. Anyways, we had a neat experience this week. I usually don't grab the Family Proclamation to the World
* brochure, but one day something told me to grab one.

We had a cancelled lesson and we went contacting old contacts that we needed to visit and start lessons with and one of them was with someone named Teraimateata (the sky with clouds). Something told me to give her the family brochure which was odd because I don't normally give it out, but I gave her one and we fixed a lesson for the next day. When we went to the lesson we started, and she had read the brochure, but not only had she read the brochure she said it was exactly what she felt she had been missing in her life recently. She said it wasn't even difficult for her to read it, it "called to her". Super awesome experience, we have our second contact this week with her.

Elder Olsen is a boss. He's having a great time, and he loves all the biking.

Sadly we won't have a lesson with my favorite Italian investigator Taina this week - she's in Papeete for the vacation.

ummm....I can't think of much else. Those are the highlights, I guess.

Wait NO.

We had Stake conference and a 70
** from Tonga came, He's called Elder Adolf Johanson. He WAS AWESOME. Every time he spoke the spirit was so strong. Maybe its because he's an islander 70. But he had some crazy good experiences and he said for every case whenever we do anything in the church he said "its easier if we love". If we do things out of love its infinitely easier, and will work infinitely better.

His conversion story was funny. Hr was a kid and his mother and their family except their father went to the church to see the Joseph Smith film. They'd never had any contact prior to this. They watched the film, then the missionaries got up and asked "what did you feel". His mother raised her hand and responded "the spirit". Then the missionaries asked "what do we do when we feel the spirit" and His mother raised her hand and said "we get baptised". It turned out that someone was inspired and the font was already full and his mother called her husband and told him the family was getting baptised right then. He wasn't happy - 3 months later he was baptised. Pretty cool story. Apparently Tonga is near 50% members of the church right now. That's amazing :O

Well that's my letter!

Love you all

Elder Molinari

Editor's Notes: 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not Much TIme This Week!

La cascade

The waterfall and I. We were soaking wet from
the spray and wind that was coming off of it.

This was an epic waterfall we went to visit today 

15 September 2014 Tautira


Found lots of new investigators, the Lord was just handing them to us! The girlfriend of one of our investigators- who wasn’t interested in the lessons- secretly read the Joseph Smith testimony and loved it. But we aren’t allowed to tell her Boyfriend :( However, she said she’s coming to the next lesson!

It rained ALL week again. Which puts a total of 3 weeks it’s rained almost nonstop here. We were pretty wet from waist down every night!

Elder Olsen and I have a hard time getting to bed on time because we talk too much!

The ward didn’t mutiny this Sunday, but that’s because I transposed all the hymns down 2 keys. Third hour I’m in the primary because I play the piano for them and help them practice for the upcoming primary program, Its awesome!

Milo and Sunshine (ed. note: No idea. Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon!) is delicious with bread and Nutella!

Have a wonderful week!

Ua here au ia outou

Orometua Molinari

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To'u hoa api`

08 September 2014, Tautira

My new companion came today. He's pretty awesome. He's from Orem, and was at BYU the same time I was.

It rained all week, and it kinda smells some places now. In fact, it’s rained since I got here. It rains a lot here. I will not eat green eggs and ham, Sam I am.

Lots of biking, we found 5 new investigators. One of them has a father who is from Italy. So I said “Mi ciamo Elder Molinari” and she was shocked. Then she started talking to me in Italian and I didn’t have anything else to say, other than what’s on the back of a shampoo bottle, and what was said to me every night before I went to sleep when I was little.

It gave her a laugh though.

She is awesome and I think she has a lot of potential. Another one of our amis actually came to church on Sunday- I was thrilled. I wasn’t so thrilled by the mutiny of the ward when I played piano; someone decides that the key is too high, so they change it and sing lower. Then the people around them follow, and before you know it everyone is singing a different key, I have to keep plugging along on the piano and the tempo slows down by at least half. I think my ear drums were bleeding by the end, but everyone after said it’s so nice to have a piano. All I can say is we need some practice.

I really don’t have much to say other than something I know everyone knows, but the words jumped out at me, maybe it’s because it’s in French. It was actually just a simpler way to explain something we are all taught.

We teach that we are baptized for the "remission" of sins - but I don't think I've ever met an investigator who can give me a definition of the word remission, so in other words we are baptized to receive the “pardon" in French, or forgiveness of our sins. This event happens at baptism, we receive this remission.

After baptism we can "conserver" is the verb in French or ( keep? in English) the remission or forgiveness of our sins by taking the sacrament and living the gospel; Thereby staying in a "just baptized" state as long as we are trying our best. The remission of sins then becomes not a single event (sometimes after a baptism we like to say "your the cleanest person on the Earth") but a cleanness and purity that lasts with us and is renewed each time we take the sacrament. Just a little tidbit from my studies this week.

Have a great week love you all!

Elder Molinari

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Week in Tautira

2 September 2014 Tautira

Well...I feel like all my letters and journal entries start with "well". At the start of the day we have around 6-8 lessons fixed, then they all get rescheduled...Plan B TRACTING!!! We actually found quite a few new investigators...but usually they are just adventist or JW's that aren't really interested in what we have to say, oh well, you just humbly direct them to the verses in the new testament that show the saints took sacrament in the first day of the week, and for jehovahs witnesses its pretty simple to draw the connection between Jehovah and Jesus (for example Zachariah 11:12-13 cross referenced with Matt. 26:15,27:3-10). Oh well, at least they hear a testimony and sometimes they take a brochure, or a Book of Mormon.

For whats new; Elder Petis is getting transferred Monday, and I think my new companion is an American that recently got here, 6 weeks maybe? His companion is finishing his mission and I'll finish his training here. Let's just hope I remember where and who everything is. He is actually taking my place in Bora for the last 6 weeks of his mission.

President opened 5 new islands up this transfer. Taenga, Raivave, and I dont remember the others. He sent missionaries that are going to finish after these transfers into those islands, I'm pretty sure from the patterns he's establishing, he sends missionaries to finish out in the islands, so hopefully I'll go back someday :)

My new companion's name is Elder Olsen, from I'm not sure where.

ùi didnt really take any photos this week cus all it did was rain.

Oh! and I didnt write yesterday because I was busy vomiting, gah I hate being sick!

Ok well have a great week!

Oh thoughts!

I gave a formation this week on planning lessons and it was based on a section in CH2 of Preach my gospel. When teaching a lesson there are three things that need to be focused on:
What the investigator/student must:
1.Know (Doctrine, baptismal interview questions)
2.Feel (Scriptures, testimony, experiences)
3.Do (engagements, repentance)

Voila! Those are my thoughts!

Bonne semaine à tous

Elder Molinari

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Week

19 August 2014 Bora Bora

Gee, this week felt like it went on forever...well not during the week, but now that its Monday it feels like its been 3 months since last Monday...en bref. 

Here are last week's photos from the motu.
Sketchy barge to motu Tapu
Me on the sketchy barge
Motu Tapu and then my battery died!
Since elder Peterson had to do an interview Thursday Elder Gilson came with me to Anau. We did Port à port, but then got caught by a Mami who talked to us for 2 and a half hours - trust me I tried to escape. It used up the entire day :|

Alors, we started lessons with this guy named Teremoana. He's super awesome and I'm hyped to continue the lessons, what’s even better is that his friend is an inactive member named Pai. So I'm pretty optimistic for the direction of the lessons. We will end up saving a soul either way. Somehow we are approaching the 12 week mark here in Bora - just 3 more weeks till we hit it. I guess in 3 weeks we will see who's going to stay.

This week we made pain chocolate
It was delicious!
We had a training meeting that was given by Elder Pearson the president of the ocean pacific area. He talked about revelation and prayer and the first principles and ordinances of the gospel. He said if we feel like God isn't answering our prayers, we aren't asking enough questions. We need to ask more inspired questions to have more revelation. Then he talked about the spirit, and said we need to designate the spirit as our teacher. Everywhere we are we need to be constantly learning from what’s around us, and our teacher is the spirit. In any church meeting, any class, the teacher isn't the teacher, the spirit is.

He then said we can all be taught at the level we need to be in any given class no matter who the teacher is if we designate the spirit to be our teacher.

Well I just kind of rambled on there but that was the gist of it. Anyways it was a nice meeting. President Bize told a story about a lady that he visited whose daughter was getting baptized that said she went to a church meeting and felt nothing. His response was, well that’s natural, you’re not ready to feel the spirit yet. He then engaged her to stop smoking for a week in order to just feel the spirit at her daughter's baptism. Kinda put how much we need our investigators to be prepared for baptism in perspective.

We hiked up to a WWII site. These cannon were enormous!
It was really high up.

well...That’s all I got this week. Love you all!

Elder Molinari

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heiva on Motu Tapu

11 August 2014 Bora Bora

I want to write a lot but I feel really lazy...we'll see what happens.

(Editor’s note: Sorry for the late post. I guess I was “feeling lazy” too or just very busy!)

This week went well, we hit our goal of 20 contacts at the end of the week, and we even hit our goal of 4 new investigators. It was pretty awesome.

We went to a house with a lady named Moea for the 5th time maybe and she was finally there again, what was even better was her husband was there as well. He was drinking but he wasn’t drunk yet and he invited us over. Elder Peterson and I had made a goal to take every opportunity to do lessons, so instead of trying to fix a time to come back we decided to do a lesson right there. It went pretty well, and she even told us that her neighbor wanted to see us. So after the lesson we went across the tiny dirt path to the other house and called hello. 

We were greeted by Ramond, she’s probably in her 50's and she said she wasn’t against having us over. So we asked if we could share a message again and she said yes so we went in. In fact she told us the Moea had been there, one of the times we had passed - she was just hiding in the house. Ramond told her that you shouldn’t do that to missionaries because like the Bible says they light be angels in disguise (little do they know we actually are angels - read the bible dictionary:]).

This lady was really awesome, she’s already had the missionaries once before, but is a little held up by that fact that she is adventist. However, she shared some pretty interesting things with us. She says she doesn’t talk at Church anymore because when she asks question- or thinks outside of the box- she starts an argument. Alors, she told us she now sits silently at church and doesn’t talk. She even said she was confused why if God only speaks truth, and if the Bible contains the truth, why are there so many churches? Her pastor (not sure what they have at the adventist church) said it’s the same God, just worshipped different ways. She didn’t buy it because she said you can’t interpret truth, there is only truth.

She’s super ready; even if she told us she will stay adventist. All we need to do is get her to pray and receive a confirmation of the truth....we'll see how that goes this week. What was even cooler about the lesson is that she was speaking this fluent blend of Tahitian and French and Elder Peterson and I understood it all. It was incredible. So just like that we had 3 new amis and we got our goal of 4 new amis this week.

Also this weekend we went to the Motu Tapu with the 2 wards. We did a mini Heiva, and it was fun. President Bize and the entire Presidency du stake were there as well. We competed in various challenges: sac jumping race, running with fruit (coconuts tied on both ends of a log), a coconut fern roof making race, and coconut husking race, and to finish it off a tug of war and a pirogue race (ocean canoe race) just search Vaa and you'll see what they are. I liked the fruit race, lots of people said I was a rocket. Thank you Pole Vault!

It was a good time. Unluckily, my camera died because I forgot to charge it the night before.

President and Sister Bize et moi
We got to spend a lot of time with President Bize, our mission president, this weekend. It was really awesome. He's a super awesome person; his wife is awesome as well. He's making LOTS of changes that are really good. First of all for all P-day activities he said as long as we tell whatever leader is over us where we will be and what we will be doing we can go. Hikes, sporting activities, even boats in the lagoon are fine as long as it’s not dangerous. He said we need to use our own judgment.

He also made many changes in the leadership of the mission. There is a hierarchy now, because he said there were too many fresh missionaries as Leaders when they still need to be trained. Also, only the most obedient missionaries, as well as missionaries that have been out for a while will be leaders/trainers/island missionaries. This means as well that A DZ must pass by DL, and he said only "older" DZ/DL's will be trainers. (Ed. note: DZ = zone leader and DL = district leader. A zone is made up of multiple districts. A district is a collection of missionary companionships. These are typically designated geographically.)

These changes are going to eliminate lots of problems I think, especially inadequate trainers.

I REALLY like his style.

Plus, he did a meeting just for us to discuss the problems in the ward. We could tell all the problems without being criticized for "complaining" for once. Then they wanted to personally see the house to make sure it was safe and up to date.

Overall from the visit I got the impression that they really worry about us, and that our feelings are their most important priority. It was great.

ummm...Have a great week. I'll try to send pictures later!

Love you all a ton!

Elder Molinari

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pain Raisan

4 August 2014 Bora Bora

This week we had a funny experience en faisant (by doing) port à port (door to door).

We approached two houses at the very end of a quartier ( neighborhood...but a single street), and because I couldn’t really decide which one to go to, Elder Peterson just ended up yelling “Iaorana” to see who would come out first.

The house on the very end ended up being the winner. Two little girls came out one was the neighbor, the daughter of the family. They probably had 8 - 9 years. We said hello and asked if their parents were there. One of them, Ravahere, ran to the house to get her mother.

We waited a little bit and she came back and said her mother was busy. We asked her to find out what her mother was busy with, so she ran back and asked. Then came back and said “with the baby.”

We asked what her name was then, and she told us “Ravahere,” then we asked what her mother's name was. So she ran back to the house and asked, came back and said her name. Then we asked, what her last name was, and she couldn’t remember - so she went to go ask again.

At this point I was chuckling pretty well because she kept running back and forth asking her mother questions. It was pretty cute.

Then she came back. We asked if her mother had talked with the missionaries before. She left, came back, "yes". Where? Another trip. “Raiatea.”

Then we gave her a Book of Mormon to give to her mother - after all the questions. Her mother accepted it and we are going to try to pass by again this week. We gave the two girls each an Article of Faith card, because they have a picture of Jesus on them with children.

It was a touching experience for me to share the gospel par l'intermediare d'une petite fille (through a little girl)

This morning we went and baked Pain Raisan with a couple of investigators that are really old. They had a pâtisserie here in Bora when they were younger. Their names are Jean Jacque and Marie Claude. Jean Jacque is French. He got married on Bora when he was stationed here in the military and never returned to France. 

Jean Jacque, Elder Lee Chip Sao, Marie Claude and Elder Peterson
We went SUPER early this morning and made raisin bread with them. It's been a looooooong time since they baked something. It took us a while, but it was worth it. It was delicious!
Jean Jacque provided instructions. We followed.
One pan done
Lookin' good!