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Monday, November 10, 2014


10 November 2014 Tautira

This week was rather odd because everyone is gone collecting; fishing for "troche." It’s this large shell mollusk thing. Once a year, the government authorizes fishing for them and then Chinese people come and buy the shells by the Tons! So everyone is doing it, and they do it all day! However that didn’t totally block our week.

Here are a few troche before and after. Before they look pretty much like shells. 
After they are dipped in sulphuric acid they sparkle! They are also called tops shells.


We worked with a member named Soeur Rose who is actually from Tiapa my old Sector. She happened to stop us on the street and it happened to be me the missionary here and then she decided that we would go and visit her family. That was last week and the visit we did was on Thursday. It was awesome, and was the first time her family had accepted missionaries.

Her sister accepted the lessons and then we ate maa tahiti and I chatted on Tahitian with her father. He has some pretty interesting opinions about things, kinda Christian-tahitian-legends-fishing mix of religion. He was quite a riot. Other than that Tutea's girlfriend came to a lesson with us and she absolutely loved it. She was touched by our way of praying; that it was so personal and directly for them. She'll be coming to more lessons from now on.

Elder Pearson of the 70 came to visit us and we had a really awesome conference with him. He talked about recognizing the spirit. All of his insights were really awesome. He stressed again the fact that if we want revelation we need to ask more questions. I invite all of you to read his talk from the ensign called “how to improve my personal prayer/improving personal prayer” or something like that. I think he quoted a lot of that

Ok, Love you all.

Have a good week!

Elder Molinari