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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Companion Had a Birthday and Got....

24 November 2014 Tautira

Chikungunya. So I'll probably get it soon. Looks fun...not really.

We have a baptism this weekend for Tinitua, Augustine's son. It's gonna be awesome. It's too bad we couldn't get things figured out for Augustine at the same time. But, she supports Tinitua 100% and will help him stay active. That's the key for me when you teach and baptise kids, they need a parental support most of the time. We've kind of hit that point where we need to go out and do some serious searching, so thats probably what we are going to do this week; renew our investigator pool.

We had a zone activity last week.
We made pizza and played sports. It was fun. But it took my letter writing time.

So Elder olsen got a high fever. Then he got lots of joint pain, and not only that a rash everywhere. That itches badly. I really hope I don't get it.

These drawings aren't very good, they were mostly for comic relief. 
They were done in about a minute or less :) We got a good laugh from them! 
I've been studying all the chapters in the Book of Mormon where the prophets are quoting each other/ teaching about justice and mercy. 2 Nephi 2, 9 Mosiah 3/4, Alma 42...the list goes on. I found one of my favorite verses in alma 42 the other day. Its Alma 42:24. The reason I love it so much is it builds off of Lehi’s statement of opposition in all things. We have justice in opposition to mercy as a motif in all the speeches and then this verse comes along. In French there are such things as masculinity of objects its not just a "the" like in English but "le" for masculine and "la" for feminine. In French its just part of the language but its something that English speakers aren't used to. 

However, object masculinity did exist in English, and this verse here is one of the few that preserves it. So it says justice exerciseth all "his" demands and mercy claimeth all "her" own. Its super cool that you see that example of masculinity in the language, but not only that you have the gender opposites in the same verse. Thus adding to the "opposition" of the verse. Justice, mercy, He, she. and it finishes with probably my favorite word to describe those who will have eternal life; penitent. Its just an absolutely incredible verse, as well as an absolutely incredible chapter. I'm not sure how many times I've read it now but its incredible to cross reference it with 2 Nephi 2.

Well those are my thoughts for the week. Love you all!