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Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, It Was Inevitable

1 December 2014

I got the Chikungunya! 

It's pretty terrible. It attackscartilage and joints. For some reason it decided to attack my sternum, who knew that you used your sternum in EVERY body movement you can make. I got it Saturday and I still have it. It lasts a while.
Moi, Moeava et Olsen

Oh, that’s right, transfers. Elder Olsen is going, I’m staying....and I’m training. Elder Olsen is going to Tahaa. The elder I’m training is from Vanuatu, a group of islands from around Fiji, I think? Anyways, if he’s like the other Vanuatans that have come here he won’t speak English nor French. Sooooo, I'm going to have to train someone I can’t communicate with....sick. This should be interesting. Anyways this means I will have 2 sons! (a son is someone you train) so I'll be here in Tautira until February!

We also had Tinitua's baptism. It was really nice, however I was a little disappointed because not very many people came. Before my mission I never realized how important it was to go to other people’s baptisms, especially the baptisms of investigators. Alors, please go to other people's baptisms.

My district in Tautira
Slice of Rainbow cake
Rainbow cake (note water line!)
Oh, the elder I’m training is named Elder Kokona, which in Bishlama means coconut. So ill be training elder coconut in Tahiti :)

Ok that’s all the time I have this week! Love you all!