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Monday, December 8, 2014

New Companion

8 December 2014 Tautira
This is Tautira Valley. It's Awesome!

Elder Kokona et moi

I got my new companion on Wednesday this last week. He is so awesome. He's super nice and friendly, and really likes to do missionary work. And....luckily he speaks French, and English a bit. But, his accent is sooooooooooo thick I have trouble understanding him a lot of the time.

He's under the impression that I'm the funniest person alive. I don't have to do much to make him laugh, really love the guy. He talks to everyone. Which is something awesome about him, so he just goes off and starts talking to people and I come up behind -normally it’s because I’m talking with someone- and then we fix lessons. We're a really good team.

So this was SUPER funny. Elder Kokona is unpacking and he pulls out his sandals. That he brought from Vanuatu. Guess what he had? A pair of Tevas, AND a pair of old worn out navy blue Old Navy Flip flops! Guess who else wears Tevas and a pair of old worn out navy blue Old Navy flip flops? This companionship was destined to be. It was so incredible I took a picture.

Today we hiked up a mountain in our sector that overlooks Tautira village. The Dz's (ed note: zone leaders), the elders from Toahotu, and the Sisters from Taravao and Elder Kokona and I were there. There’s a giant cross at the top of the hike. It was kinda short around 20 minutes, but it was really steep. It was a nice hike. It’s always funny to see your sector from a birds- eye view, it makes everything seem even smaller.

Not much else to say. Just feel really good. Better than I've felt in a long time! Have a great week and love you all! I guess we can start thinking about Skype! It’ll probably be around noon on Christmas Day for us here, maybe 10-12. [Ed. note: This is one of two phone calls missionaries are allowed to make home - Christmas and Mother's Day]

Love you all! 

Elder Molinari