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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pushing On!

29 September 2014 Tautira

Well, we are still pushing on. This week we had Zone conference. President and Souer Bize came and it was nice. We had our interviews and then we went home pretty late, the conference lasted all day...and it was sooo hot in the chapel! We were all beat by the end of the day and we didn't even do anything!

The highlight from the meeting for me was the interview. President said I'm a "bosseur". I wasn't exactly sure what that meant in French so I thought he was calling me a boss. Went home and looked it up. It actually means hard worker...oh well, for a moment I thought I was living up to my baseball cap.

It actually was dry a little this week. Dry enough that the waterfalls are all dried up again.

The baptism of Tuahu is coming up, he will have his interview this week, and we are pretty excited! He's got a pretty good handle on all the principles now, the difference is incredible between when we first came to teach him and how he is now. He speaks up a lot more and has an enormous increase in confidence. Augustine's husband is no longer against her joining the Church/going to church! Now we just have to get a marriage sorted out...<.<

Well, President said if the work continues to push forward like this we'll get...not a car, another equipe of missionaries! That would be pretty cool. Alors, our new goal - split the sector. However, Elder Olsen and I are so tired of biking all over the place. When I say tired I mean physically exhausted. The 8 hours of sleep never seems very long. We can literally fall asleep on command or -without command- anywhere.

Just another story to help us not judge others: This week one of our investigators, Marcelin, was a little late to his lesson. So we decided to chat with his concubine, Trine. We'd only said hello, up to that point and all the missionaries before us didn't really talk with her. They told us that she is "terrifying, the reason Mercelin can't be baptised" yadda yadda yadda.

Apparently she takes lessons from time to time with the Temoigne Jehovas. So, this time we could actually talk to her. She is from Ahe in the tuamotus. She knows tons of members and missionaries and took the lessons for a long time when she lived there. we weren't expecting that at all!

Apparently, she was going to be adopted by 2 rich Norwegians that lived there as well, but her grandfather didn't want her to be. Well...she’s got a second chance with two more Norwegians (two Norwegian dads (ed note: he and his companion)), only this time she will be adopted by Christ - hopefully. I hope she participates in the next lesson with us. She was pretty awesome. So don't judge people, ever.

Well, the USB doesn't work today, so no pictures. Sorry.

Love you all!

Elder ^^°|;n@r;