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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another week...

27 October 2014 Tautira

The hermit crab that came to visit our house.
We tried to find him a bigger shell, but he wasn't interested.
As far as weeks go, this one was pretty ordinary. However, for the first time we had more than 1 investigator at church Sunday, we had 4! It was great.

Augustine has been sharing the gospel with everyone she sees, its incredible. She has really taken Elder Bednar's talk to heart. We also had a movie night at their house and watched the Joseph Smith Film. It was great because her husband watched about half of it, and the family we teach across the road came to watch as well. It only strengthened Augustine's testimony to see exactly what happened.

We've done a LOT of biking as well. Turns out we bike close to 15 kilometri (ed. note: just over 9 miles) each day, then Saturday we biked 27kilometers (ed. note:almost 17 miles). That was a lot. But, its not too bad since we are used to it. They said there was a good chance we would gain weight here in Tahiti, but if you're on bike I think its impossible. No new news for the car, I guess we're back to hoping we can have one...

Elder Gifford Neilsen and his wife of the 70 came to visit us on Tuesday, and we had an all day conference. He was super awesome, as well as his wife. He talked a lot about being respectfully bold when we do missionary work. Him and his wife were pretty funny, he gave a talk in general conference called "the game plan" or something like that. He was super tall.

Ok! That's all I have time for this week! Love you all a ton!

Elder Molinari

White chicken who caught us taking pictures of her.