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Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Week

13 October 2014 Tautira
Tuahu's Baptism. We filled the font too much so it overflowed when we got in!
We had Tuahu's baptism this week. It was great! This ward hasn't had a baptism since March, so it was a really nice ceremony. When the time came for him to bear his testimony he got up and walked out. It was pretty funny. It was because he left his little paper with notes on it in the bathroom when he was changing. To everyone else though, it looked like he was fleeing from the testimony. After that he gave a testimony in Tahitian, when he had told his mother he wanted to do it in French. You gotta love overbearing Tahitian mamis.

We had tons of amis that watched General Conference. It was awesome. Terai, watched it all at work, and liked it so much she is watching it again! However her husband isn't very happy...pray for her. Also this week our district organized a tri-ward film night for our investigators. It went pretty well, except for the day of, one of the Bishops going A-wall and trying to call the whole thing off. Luckily the voice of District Leader is stronger <.< We did it anyways cus we got one of the other Bishops to pull through for us. It went well and the sisters got several new investigators because of it.

Transfers were this week but like I thought I’m not going anywhere. Which I'm happy about because this sector is awesome.
Elder Olsen, Tuahu et moi
Spiritual thoughts...I'm all out. I finished the book of Mormon in French this week it was nice; now I've gotta get going on Tahitian, I stopped somewhere in Mosiah.

My spiritual thought is from one of our lessons with Terai this week. We had finished the Plan of Salvation and at the end she seemed a little quiet; we asked if she had any questions. She said, "you guys have grown up knowing this. Imagine what it must be like for me now. It’s incredible, its LOGICAL, it’s something that makes perfect sense." It was a pretty awesome moment of my mission. In fact there were lots of moments this week when the spirit taught our investigators things we didn't even say. I always love moments like that.

Anyways, spiritual thought, let the spirit teach; just do your best and the spirit does the rest.

Love you all!

Elder Molinari