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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Feel Like Paul

21 October 2014 Tautira
The moon was super bright and
its reflection was cool on the water.
Well this week we had a lot of cancelled lessons, but Heavenly Father helped us fill in the holes with inactives/ new contacts. We had a great first contact with someone named Thierry (pronounced tcherry). 
  He talked for a while, then finally when we had listened to all he had to say we taught the rétablissement on the first contact. He had sooo many questions when we started but he got quieter and quieter as we taught. Then we got to Joseph Smith and the first vision. After, he looked quite shocked. He said it was as if something hit him in the chest. After a little silence the first thing he said was, "you'll soon convince me to be a Mormon". That's literally what he said. All I could think of was Paul before King Agrippa when he said that (Acts 26:28). It was a great first contact.

I'm not sure I've ever been so tired. I can fall asleep on place, anywhere. We'll have a car soon this week or next. President is quite pleased with our work. We didn’t see Terai this week, but we left them a pineapple that someone had given us. We taught Augustine about the fast, and she fasted the next day that her family would follow her choice, especially her kids. Later that week we were finally able to do a lesson with her son - he said yes! Then we did this lesson at an investigator Janine's house, and it turned into a mini primary. all the kids from the families living in the house came, we had about 8 kids all singing I am a Child of God. It was an awesome lesson.
I'm not sure if this rivals your moth, Sister Molinari,
but these moths are always coming into our house at night.
Lots of miracles: We were biking to go to lunch and I felt like we needed to go to a member's house named Papi Rere. So we went and his granddaughter (5 years old) was there with her mother. She had just started to get sick and have a fever, and it hadn't been a long time since they had gotten back. We came just in time to give a blessing and then continue on our way. Sunday she was running around like normal. It was a nice little miracle for us, and maybe for the family. Listening to the spirit always leads us to those who need us, no matter how little they are.

Ok, I love you all no matter what!

Elder Molinari