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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

another week of CRAZYNESS!

We were so booked this week, I'm still trying to recover from the busyness. Its been great though, Heavenly Father is helping us a TON here. Even though we are having a difficult time getting members to lessons.


When I say miracle, its just the fact that the majority of our investigators read the Book of Mormon - how epic is that? We have had some awesome discussions as well. My favorite lesson would have to be the plan of salvation at the moment. You teach it, put everything in perspective, its all explained so eloquently by Lehi in 2 Nephi 2 (ed. note: scripture reference from the Book of Mormon), and people just understand. Absolutely love it. That moment when you see that someone understands why Jesus Christ is so important. Everyone knows or thinks he was important, but not very many people know why, thank you Book of Mormon. Anyways, we had a neat experience this week. I usually don't grab the Family Proclamation to the World
* brochure, but one day something told me to grab one.

We had a cancelled lesson and we went contacting old contacts that we needed to visit and start lessons with and one of them was with someone named Teraimateata (the sky with clouds). Something told me to give her the family brochure which was odd because I don't normally give it out, but I gave her one and we fixed a lesson for the next day. When we went to the lesson we started, and she had read the brochure, but not only had she read the brochure she said it was exactly what she felt she had been missing in her life recently. She said it wasn't even difficult for her to read it, it "called to her". Super awesome experience, we have our second contact this week with her.

Elder Olsen is a boss. He's having a great time, and he loves all the biking.

Sadly we won't have a lesson with my favorite Italian investigator Taina this week - she's in Papeete for the vacation.

ummm....I can't think of much else. Those are the highlights, I guess.

Wait NO.

We had Stake conference and a 70
** from Tonga came, He's called Elder Adolf Johanson. He WAS AWESOME. Every time he spoke the spirit was so strong. Maybe its because he's an islander 70. But he had some crazy good experiences and he said for every case whenever we do anything in the church he said "its easier if we love". If we do things out of love its infinitely easier, and will work infinitely better.

His conversion story was funny. Hr was a kid and his mother and their family except their father went to the church to see the Joseph Smith film. They'd never had any contact prior to this. They watched the film, then the missionaries got up and asked "what did you feel". His mother raised her hand and responded "the spirit". Then the missionaries asked "what do we do when we feel the spirit" and His mother raised her hand and said "we get baptised". It turned out that someone was inspired and the font was already full and his mother called her husband and told him the family was getting baptised right then. He wasn't happy - 3 months later he was baptised. Pretty cool story. Apparently Tonga is near 50% members of the church right now. That's amazing :O

Well that's my letter!

Love you all

Elder Molinari

Editor's Notes: 

* "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" is a document church leaders published in 1995. It can be found here:

**A "70" is a priesthood office of a church leader.