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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not Much TIme This Week!

La cascade

The waterfall and I. We were soaking wet from
the spray and wind that was coming off of it.

This was an epic waterfall we went to visit today 

15 September 2014 Tautira


Found lots of new investigators, the Lord was just handing them to us! The girlfriend of one of our investigators- who wasn’t interested in the lessons- secretly read the Joseph Smith testimony and loved it. But we aren’t allowed to tell her Boyfriend :( However, she said she’s coming to the next lesson!

It rained ALL week again. Which puts a total of 3 weeks it’s rained almost nonstop here. We were pretty wet from waist down every night!

Elder Olsen and I have a hard time getting to bed on time because we talk too much!

The ward didn’t mutiny this Sunday, but that’s because I transposed all the hymns down 2 keys. Third hour I’m in the primary because I play the piano for them and help them practice for the upcoming primary program, Its awesome!

Milo and Sunshine (ed. note: No idea. Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon!) is delicious with bread and Nutella!

Have a wonderful week!

Ua here au ia outou

Orometua Molinari