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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Week in Tautira

2 September 2014 Tautira

Well...I feel like all my letters and journal entries start with "well". At the start of the day we have around 6-8 lessons fixed, then they all get rescheduled...Plan B TRACTING!!! We actually found quite a few new investigators...but usually they are just adventist or JW's that aren't really interested in what we have to say, oh well, you just humbly direct them to the verses in the new testament that show the saints took sacrament in the first day of the week, and for jehovahs witnesses its pretty simple to draw the connection between Jehovah and Jesus (for example Zachariah 11:12-13 cross referenced with Matt. 26:15,27:3-10). Oh well, at least they hear a testimony and sometimes they take a brochure, or a Book of Mormon.

For whats new; Elder Petis is getting transferred Monday, and I think my new companion is an American that recently got here, 6 weeks maybe? His companion is finishing his mission and I'll finish his training here. Let's just hope I remember where and who everything is. He is actually taking my place in Bora for the last 6 weeks of his mission.

President opened 5 new islands up this transfer. Taenga, Raivave, and I dont remember the others. He sent missionaries that are going to finish after these transfers into those islands, I'm pretty sure from the patterns he's establishing, he sends missionaries to finish out in the islands, so hopefully I'll go back someday :)

My new companion's name is Elder Olsen, from I'm not sure where.

ùi didnt really take any photos this week cus all it did was rain.

Oh! and I didnt write yesterday because I was busy vomiting, gah I hate being sick!

Ok well have a great week!

Oh thoughts!

I gave a formation this week on planning lessons and it was based on a section in CH2 of Preach my gospel. When teaching a lesson there are three things that need to be focused on:
What the investigator/student must:
1.Know (Doctrine, baptismal interview questions)
2.Feel (Scriptures, testimony, experiences)
3.Do (engagements, repentance)

Voila! Those are my thoughts!

Bonne semaine à tous

Elder Molinari