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Monday, August 4, 2014

Pain Raisan

4 August 2014 Bora Bora

This week we had a funny experience en faisant (by doing) port à port (door to door).

We approached two houses at the very end of a quartier ( neighborhood...but a single street), and because I couldn’t really decide which one to go to, Elder Peterson just ended up yelling “Iaorana” to see who would come out first.

The house on the very end ended up being the winner. Two little girls came out one was the neighbor, the daughter of the family. They probably had 8 - 9 years. We said hello and asked if their parents were there. One of them, Ravahere, ran to the house to get her mother.

We waited a little bit and she came back and said her mother was busy. We asked her to find out what her mother was busy with, so she ran back and asked. Then came back and said “with the baby.”

We asked what her name was then, and she told us “Ravahere,” then we asked what her mother's name was. So she ran back to the house and asked, came back and said her name. Then we asked, what her last name was, and she couldn’t remember - so she went to go ask again.

At this point I was chuckling pretty well because she kept running back and forth asking her mother questions. It was pretty cute.

Then she came back. We asked if her mother had talked with the missionaries before. She left, came back, "yes". Where? Another trip. “Raiatea.”

Then we gave her a Book of Mormon to give to her mother - after all the questions. Her mother accepted it and we are going to try to pass by again this week. We gave the two girls each an Article of Faith card, because they have a picture of Jesus on them with children.

It was a touching experience for me to share the gospel par l'intermediare d'une petite fille (through a little girl)

This morning we went and baked Pain Raisan with a couple of investigators that are really old. They had a pâtisserie here in Bora when they were younger. Their names are Jean Jacque and Marie Claude. Jean Jacque is French. He got married on Bora when he was stationed here in the military and never returned to France. 

Jean Jacque, Elder Lee Chip Sao, Marie Claude and Elder Peterson
We went SUPER early this morning and made raisin bread with them. It's been a looooooong time since they baked something. It took us a while, but it was worth it. It was delicious!
Jean Jacque provided instructions. We followed.
One pan done
Lookin' good!