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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


6 July 2015 Tiarei
I hardly have any time to write you guys and since I'm on an American keyboard, its impossible to type quickly. I have a boat to catch to Moorea in an hour or so. I'll try to give events of the week through pictures! Oh, and I got changed at the last ;inute. I'm now going to Haumi at Moorea.

Love you all, enjoy the pictures

Elder Molinari

We had 2 baptisms this weekend, and the font drained over the firefighters!

The shorter sister on my left is Titiura, To the right is Hinerava.
Hineraa was also a miracle.
She decided to be baptised Saturday last Tuesday.
After Baptism: moi, Titiura et Elder Houde

This is mami Taamino, she made the flower displays for the chapel Sunday

Last picture with my zone in Tiarei