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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The following are excerpts of an email conversation (of sorts) I had with Kristoffer on 12 August. It was his preparation day (laudry, letter writing, "day off") and I happened to catch him at the computer. There was a long lag-time between transmissions, so the conversation was quite disjointed. We did manage to get some answers to a few questions, which are in purple. 

BTW, I am the one who makes the postings to this blog. Hopefully, I will get better at it as time goes by. - Father of the missionary.

What do you want me to write about in my E-mails? There's not much that goes on here. It's just kind of a grind 'til we get out>.> (His current departure date is 7 October 2013)

I'm suffering from this odd unable-to-recall-English-words syndrome. Apparently, we have crazy French-Tahitian accents when we get back.

Well, I've found out we get to check 2 bags to Tahiti. (That is: two checked bags (50 pounds each), the bike and a carry-on (plus purse if you have one).

Is the new carry-on bag too small to use? Do you want another suitcase?
I think this carry-on will work. I'll have to see.

We have seen the huge pile of books you receive in the MTC. One sister posted a picture with a pile about 20 inches tall and weighing 20 pounds! Yeah, we have an enormous amount of books. I'm planning on getting fluent enough that I won't need my English scriptures anymore. I'm getting there. By 12 weeks, I'll be able to read them easy. I'm not sure if we will need another suitcase.

How do you fit 6 people in a room designed for 4? You don't.

We are moving to west campus in early September so I'll see if I can repack everything. It's a fusion of Raintree and Wyview apartments. (At least these are 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, not dorm rooms, which should provide more space). Apparently, they're planning on phasing everyone out of here and they're going to wreck the whole place and build it new.

What is "everything" that the MTC bookstore has? The bookstore pretty much has everything we need in it. I'm planning on buying one of those bike bags everyone recommends. (that wasn't much help!).

Don't worry about me. Like I said, last semester was tougher than this is. It's really nice here. All I have to do is study, pray and eat. It's a relaxing life. That DOESN"T mean I'm not working though. (Kristoffer LOVES to study. He is in his element.)

Au revoir! Or, in Tahitian, NANA!

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