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Monday, September 2, 2013

19 August 2013 MTC, Provo, Utah, USA

Ia ora na!

This week has been crazy! On Tuesday we had a mini lesson on how to teach receiving revelation through prayer. It was really great because later that day we taught our investigator, Vatea, about revelation through prayer. So after a day filled with prayer, we got to hear from Richard G. Scott. He gave a great talk about - you guessed it- receiving revelation through prayer. It was very personal; he was on the edge spiritually almost the entire time. He said there are three ways God answers prayers, with feelings of peace, feelings of discomfort, or no feelings at all. With the latter, it is up to us to decide our course of action, then he will direct us if we choose poorly. He also asked us to make it a habit to say our prayers out loud. He says it makes them much more meaningful, and shows how much respect we have for prayer. All of us have been trying to follow his advice!

Apparently I wasn't having a hard enough time with the language and schedule. I...maaaay have articulated that it wasn't that bad a few times. So of course the Good Lord saw it fit to humble me with a little sickness. I guess I'll keep my mouth shut in the future about how hard something is! The sickness isn't too bad, just a had a weird fever in the night, then a dumb cough and sore throat, but after the temple trip today my throat is feeling much better. We got to help the ladies in the laundry room after our session, so I got bonus temple time. It was REAAALLY nice. 

Right now my favorite way to study French is by reading the Book of Mormon in French. I learn so much vocabulary, and my comprehension is shooting up really high. I can understand almost all of a conversation in French now. In the volunteering investigator center - where members/ nonmembers come in and let them teach you in your language- we had a girl that was visiting from France, and I could understand almost everything she said! I could even respond, It's getting much easier. With faith, all things are easier!

Je vous aime!
aita pea pea (roughly no worries)
faitoito (roughly have courage)


Elder Molinari