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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

23 September 2013 MTC Provo, UT USA

Ia or ana!

Not sure what to talk about. We moved classrooms maybe 2 weeks ago now? it was pretty awful considering the new one doesnt have desks just chairs with the side desks that fold down, but Elder Twede and I made the best of the situation and found an abandoned classroom with a table to use, I actually think we've been even more productive than we were in the last building. We are well into teaching lessons in Tahitian. Our "Investigator" is Jean-Claude. He is the father of our previous investigator Teiho. Frère Rony is having a really great time playing all these parts. It's interesting because he is a really old tough Tahitian who is pretty set in his ways, but its interesting how the gospel affects the parents of Children who begin to live by its principles.

Our Devotional on Tuesday was by Gregory A Schwitzer of the 70. It was pretty good, but I don't remember much. Most of my notes are impressions and not necessarily what the speaker is saying.
 :x   Any ways, it made me look for an application of the story of Nephi and the plates. When God asks us to do something we may have to try several times before it actually happens. We take the simple approach and just "do it". when that doesn't work we keep trying until we have given "all our possessions". Finally when we have nothing left the only thing we can do is rely solely on God and go withersoever the Spirit directs us. Another thing the talk made me think of was the phrase "instrument in the Lord's hands". However, you can't just spontaneously create an instrument. Instruments need to be hand crafted, it takes a great amount of time to carve and hollow until the instrument plays the correct pitches, and plays them beautifully. We all have the raw materials needed to become instruments, but we have to let the master carve and whittle us, until we become the instrument he wants us to be. we are all different instruments as well-different materials, different process, different sounds. Just a thought.

I got a really nice treat yesterday at devotional. In the morning I was thinking, "I wonder when Adam, Elder Shin, my old (one of my favorite) roommate is going to be reporting. We would used to stay up really late talking...i'm not going to extrapolate on really late, it was just really late. That night while I was waiting for devotional to start he just appeared sitting about 5 feet from me. We had to wait till after devotional to talk because he was a little late (not too late). The devotional ended, and I walked up to him and the first thing I said was, "Are you going to the talk by Elder Holland tonight?". (On sunday nights at the MTC we have a choice of films/devotionals to attend). He'd just reported on Wednesday, and we both didnt realize how much we'd been missing college till we saw each other. It was almost an Alma and Sons of Mosiah moment for me. I rejoiced in seeing my brother again, but not only my brother, but a brother in the Lord - forgive me for the cheesy scripture references. It was REALLY good to see someone I knew so well, even if you arent homesick, its such a boost to see friends sometimes; especially if you've been in the MTC for 2 months. He made me laugh later because he said he was a little taken aback that the first thing I said to him was asking which movie he was watching. I thought it was funny because that's just how I am. Once I'm really good friends with someone each time I see them again it's almost like I just pick up right where we left off, like no time has passed in the interim. It was one of those nice tender mercies that the Lord throws our way every so often.

Happy to hear the talk went well, I was praying/fasting for you!
Ua here au ia outou!

~Elder Molinari