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Monday, September 2, 2013

2 September 2013 MTC Provo, Utah, USA


This week went by so fast, I'm scared to see how fast the last five move by! Things are fully settled in. We're not moving to West campus anymore - which was a bummer because I was looking forward to a change of scenery. Elder Edw- I mean one of the Elders still combs his eyebrows every morning so nothing much has changed yet. I'm finally getting better! Went to the doctors and got some antibiotics. Turned out the reason I wasn't getting any better was because I had a sinus infection. So four weeks later here I am. Finally getting better! Another MTC tip. The absolute minute you start getting sick, visit the doctors. period. no arguments.

Let me take this opportunity to talk about the MTC food. When you first arrive, you're still in the honeymoon phase (yeah I think I'll go with that ;]) where everything is so unreal. The food seems wonderful, and you eat entire meals. Maybe its just because we're here so long but about week 5 it starts to get really old. I mean REALLY old. There's only so many hamburgers you can eat, (I think I stopped eating them at about week 2). I'm not a big fan or cafeteria food, nor things like enchiladas and chimichungas (<- no idea how to spell that) so I'm usually out of luck for meals. My favorite thing is when they come up with some crazy name for a burger, and its code for "we put mushrooms on it". The salad bar, the wrap bar, and cereal are your best friends. They have this really nice oat cluster cereal that really fills you up fast, and probably gives you more nutrition than the other food. Anyways, don't take my word for it. Some people really like the food. Those people in question have already gained 8-10lbs however. We all have our free agency. Good luck Kirstin, I think Japanese is a 9 week stay, so will will understand all too well our grievances!

Tahitian instruction is great. Frère Rony and Soeur Buswell stand at the front of the class and go off in Tahitian, and I can only catch a few words here and there. It's really interesting to start all over again so to speak. Except this time with little to no foundation and the language, and you can't guess because there are no roman ties to this language! I'm actually progressing really fast. I said the prayer for Church and Sunday, thanks to the gift of tongues I spoke quickly, smoothly and didn't stumble at all. Everyone was really impressed. It was funny because everyone was expecting french, because they didnt know we had started Tahitian yet. So they were all surprised when instead of "Notre Père Celeste", they heard "E to matou Metua i te Ao ra" ( ay to mah-to may-too-ah ee tay ow rah) it was fun. 

The MTC bookstore is like a mini Wal-Mart. They even have a clothes section now for sisters. They have all sorts of writing and notebook goods. TONS or over the counter medicine, and lots a toiletries. I have never seen more choices for pens in my life. Some things we worried about, like detergent and shampoo, and face washing soap, and hand sanitizer, we didn't need to worry about. Send me anything Kristin needs that you are wondering about and I'll see if the store has it. Missionaries get a 40% discount on all prices as well.

Neil L. Andersen spoke to us on Tuesday. Since I couldn't sing because of my throat we went and managed to get the spots and the gym floor right in front of the stand out of the bleachers. His talk was about, sacrifice and love. He said the more you sacrifice on your mission, the more you will love your mission, which in turn will cause you to sacrifice more, and vice versa. It was a great talk. HE also said a mission is the best place to learn to love God and others. After the talk he came down and I got to shake his hand, it was pretty neat.

I really actually love it here. There's always an incredible spirit, and the stress is nice because its not stress like at school, its I'm worried about other people stress. I know I'm supposed to be here on my mission, and that there are people in Tahiti who need to hear the Gospel! The Lord Lives and loves you, may the spirit be with you all!

nana, avec here (amour)

Elder Molinari