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Monday, September 2, 2013

26 August 2013 MTC, Provo, Utah, USA

Ia ora na, toute la monde!

This will be our last week studying French, and we start Tahitian on Thursday! Can't belive I'm in MTC week 6 already, we've hit the half way point so fast! I'm super excited! I've already started memorizing the purpose en Tahitian, A  ani manihini i te mau taata ia haera..something..Mesia na roto..some more things...Tareaha (Atonement), tatarahapa (repentance), bapetizoraa (baptism, pronounced pah-pay-ti-toh-rah-ah)..then I can't remember the rest but its a start. We were walking back from the temple today and we were all talking in french, and there were some elders in front of us. One of them heard us talking french and asked if we spoke french. Instead of saying the usual oui, mais un peu (yes, but a little) I just responded with oui. He just kinda went off in french, and I just kinda understood 90% of what he was saying! It was awesome, we talked in french most of the way back. Turns out he grew up in Tahiti near Faa'a, that was why he accent sounded familiar to me when he asked if we spoke french. He had some funny things to say. Apparently, some of the outer islands are still super sketchy, as in practice rituals still sketchy. He asked me if I liked raw fish, which they eat a lot of. Then I asked him about fafaruu the fermented fish dish. He looked at me and said, imagine a toilet stall someone forgot to flush, then intensify the bad smell by 100x, and you may get close to what it smells like. Not exactly looking forward to it now! However, the conversation really increased my spirits on the subject of my language acquisition. I thank the Heavenly Father everyday for blessing me with the gift of tongues!

 Also, we learned this week people eat dog there as well. As in- well, looks like we hit this stray slightly diseased dog..let's eat it! I guess the dog isn't always diseased, sometimes it was their house pet! Talk about a different perception of dogs! More on the subject of dogs. Our teacher Frère Rony told us a story of an enemy he made in tahiti. He said he was going to an investigator's house and he saw their dog charging at him. So he bent down to pick up a rock to try and scare it off and in his words, "at that moment that dog decided we were arch enemies". He had to kick it hard as it charged at him, and it ran away. He said later in the lesson it charged into the house randomly at him and tried to attack him again. Every time that dog saw him after that it would charge at him, he told us one time it jumped and but into his thigh while he was riding his bike and he had to try to shake it off for a few seconds... Sounds like the dogs will be fun...Also he said the missionarries call the stray dogs "Le dinosaur!" because they are all gross, make awful noises, are incredibly diseased, and hardly have any fur. I asked him if we needed to worry about those, but he said they don't have any life left in them to do anything. Apparently dogs weren't a problem until the french government outlawed killing them, which was fine and dandy for France proper...but for tahiti not so much.

Really excited for this Tuesday, I think we are getting another general Authority! My challenge for all of you is to read 2 Nephi chapter 31, and try to see how many times you can find the missionary purpose- or the doctrine of Christ- spelled out! It's a wonderful testimony of our work!
The Lord lives and loves you!


Elder Molinari