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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 September 2013 MTC, Provo, Utah, USA Well, This Is It

The Final Week

Well this is it. At about this time next week I will be on a plane, or in an airport one of the two. I got my flight plans. We leave Monday at 11:30 AM. I forgot the letter with all of your questions. But in a blanket response to it - yes I have received everything you sent me from various places in the world (including the fenders). The (rain) Jacket is really nice, and its super cool how it folds into a pocket and condenses so far down to pack. We started packing today - well more like staging everything to pack.

Our teachers came with us to the temple today, and that was really nice. It was sad to say goodbye to the laundry ladies, we've gotten so used to going and helping out after the session. I hope the next Tahitians do it and carry on the tradition. I think I'm going to Iron sashes in the millennium, its so calm and gives me time to think.

Really great devotionals on Tuesday and Sunday...I don't have my notebook to write down my thoughts I had. darn it. well, Sunday's was the Provo temple president and he talked about temple stuff. Told us never to forget that we are kings and queens, and to proclaim our message as such. Tuesday's Devotional was by one of the 70's...his name escapes me. It was something like - always open your mouth and the Lord will bless you. 

He told a story about how on a bus a missionary who had no idea how to speak the language just opened up his Book of Mormon and pointed at the picture of "J├ęsus" and said the name to some lady. He then managed to ask where she lived. She told him the house near the red sign. He then fasted and prayed about where that house was. One day they went out to find it, passing by several houses and red signs till he said, "that's the one!" sure enough it was her, and she was baptized some time later. Never be afraid to share our message.

I think the plan is to call around 2:00 LA time at that airport since Salt lake is probably going to be a little hectic. Then we can get a good amount of time to talk if we want to. I'm kind of stuck with this carry on bag of Marilyn's. The couple got released and left our branch the Sunday before I got that dear elder with your suggestion. so... I think I'm going to try and leave it with one of my teachers and see if Marilyn can come and get it. I'll tell her my plan, and warn her she may be getting an E-mail from a random person about a carry on bag. I'm going to take it that you didnt order me a new luggage bag, so I'll just be ready to pack everything in between the two bags I have. 

Not much going on anymore, just the usual. 

The MTC has been a great experience. There are very few times in your life when all you have to do is study the gospel and how to teach the gospel in another language without the stress of tests in between studying. The two months was a blessing, most of us were able to purge "un-missionary-like" behaviors in this time- and we've gotten accustomed to teaching. I can understand most of the Tahitians that are here when they talk- French and Tahitian- (tender mercy of the Lord) and I think I will be able to add to discussions and communicate with people "fairly" well when we get to Tahiti. 

We received our arrival instructions letter from the mission office today. I'll forward that. 

Kirstin (sister who is preparing to go to Tokyo as a missionary - report date 20 Nov), take advantage of your MTC time. You're here for 9 weeks, which is kinda close to my stay time, 9 weeks being the 2nd longest. Use it to come closer to Christ and plant the seeds for your harvest in the rest of your mission. It's very easy to slack off here, and not try to "become" a missionary even though you're not in the field yet. There are still A LOT of high school attitudes here, and its sad to see that, seeing as these missionaries should take this opportunity to try to grow up, not regress back to a "glorified youth conference" attitude. 

Read Jesus the Christ before you get here. Always remember who you represent, and you will qualify to have the spirit's guidance and help everyday you sit down to learn your language. 

I swear I hear "arigato" everywhere around here. Japan must be a field "white and ready to harvest," to have so many lucky missionaries headed to teach those wonderful people. 

I love the MTC, it's a sacred place. There's nothing wrong with the orange juice. Don't eat the meat - or try not to. I've been living off of cinnamon granola for the past month and a few weeks. It's delicious, filling, and gives me all the energy I need. 

If you like sleeping on the top bunk, take whatever bunk is farthest from the door and has the most walls surrounding it, that's the bed I got and I think it's the best one. I would say take a top bunk just because you won't have to be annoyed by someone moving around all the time on the top. Bring shower sandals, bring blankets, a pillow and pillowcase for the MTC. I had to use the MTC Blankets, which were pretty gross and covered with other peoples hair...from most parts of their body. All of my roommates turned up their noses at the blankets, so I took them all, figured I may be sleeping in grosser places in Tahiti and used them. I've been the warmest at night since. But bring a blanket or two just so you don't have to use them...they are pretty gross. 

They don't sell face sponges in the bookstore. Buy all the snacks you want when you go to Walmart with Marilyn - the bookstore's selection isn't very good besides tortilla chips. Buy popcorn, you'll be glad you did for a snack. 

What other "last E-mail-information" can I give you.... Love everyone - even if you don't like them- and you'll begin to like them. Don't be embarrassed to speak the language even when you think you will sound stupid, its important to speak as much as possible. 

There is a fitness room in the same building as the bookstore in the basement, you'll probably want to go there for gym, unless you want to play volley ball like we always did. If you can get people to play Sand volley ball. It's soooooooooooooo nice to kick your shoes off and mess around in the sand, it relives soooo much stress. 

See "Character of Christ" video by Elder Bednar the first Sunday you can. Then see it near the end of your stay. The dichotomy between interpretations each time you watch it is interesting. Read a lot of Church history stuff before you come and brush up on it. There are no resources here for that. 

Well, I have to go. That's as much as I could fire out in the time I had left. Maybe write some questions down for when I call on the phone that I can answer. Call Marilyn and tell her my plans maybe, I'll E-mail her just the same.

The Lord lives and Loves you! Talk to you in the Airport next week!

Elder Molinari