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Friday, October 4, 2013

Editor's Post

Elder Molinari didn't provide much detail to their receiving travel plans last week. One of the sisters in his district reported the event in a MUCH more exciting way. Thank you Soeur Taylor, aka Texan in Tahiti, I hope you don't mind. I borrowed the following from her blog.

"This past week was incredible. I'm loving the MTC and I can't believe that I only have 1 week left!! Today is a busy day since it's my last P-day so I'll try and type fast :)

So first of all- WE GOT TRAVEL PLANS :)
We got them on Thursday and it was the most exciting thing of my life. We heard that we got travel plans from the other district, but our district leader, Elder Twede, wasn't back from getting mail yet. Sœur Aniel and I were freaking out so we left the classroom and briskly walked (just kidding we ran) to go intercept Elder Twede and Molinari coming back from getting mail. We saw them in the main courtyard and as soon as they saw us, they bolted. So of course we ran after them. 

Then, we crossed paths with Elder Jessop and Elder Gilson who were running to the classroom to find them. Confused yet? lol Basically, we all ended up chasing down Elder Twede and Molinari because we wanted to see if everyone got their visas and travel plans. We ended up losing them, but we eventually all made it back to the classroom. It was so exciting. 

Sœur Aniel is our travel leader and we report to the travel office next Monday at 7:30 am (YAY for a later reporting time than 2:30 am or 4:30 am) Our flight leaves from Salt Lake to LA at 11:30 am and we land in LA at 12:34
Our flight leaves for Tahiti at 4:30 so family, I'll be calling during our layover! 

We also got an email from the mission home today which was super exciting. We land in Tahiti at about 10:00 pm their time so we'll be in temporary housing by the temple and then have breakfast with President & Sœur Sinjoux in the morning. I'm so excited.

I clearly won't get a P-day next week but from what I've seen with other missionaries, I might be able to send a quick email saying that I made it safely and what not. It still hasn't hit me yet, but I'm so stoked to find out where my first area will be!!! "

Thanks Sister Taylor!