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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


28 October 2013 Uturoa, Raiatea

I ate Fafaru for the first time last night. It was about as bad as you’d think it would be. For everyone that doesn't know its fish meat that has been sitting in ocean water for a week. Then you eat it. NO spices no seasoning. Just like it is, all mingy and whatnot. It was kind of like putting a slug in your mouth, that no matter how much you chew, it doesn't break apart. However the slug tastes something like dog poop, and swamp, mixed with an after kick of ammonia. I don’t really know how else to describe it. I ate it one time, then I decided to do it again for a photo. The second time they said to put it in lemon juice to make it better. So i did, little did I know that better meant increase the intensity of the flavor! I had to say a quick prayer in my head to get it down that time, cuz it was bad. As an after-thought I think it smells better coming out than going in!

Work is going slowly, but I’m pretty sure we are progressing with the investigators we have. An inactive couple we are working with are trying to quit smoking and we had our lesson set up to teach about faith. I asked a few questions at the beginning though and one of them was are you praying every day. the response was iffy. So instead of faith the spirit told me we needed to have a lesson on prayer. We talked a little Then I had everyone there share an experience they had had with prayer and when we were done there was a great spirit there. I then shared the passage from 3 Nephi 13 i think? about the lilies of the field and the birds that don’t sow, and how Heavenly Father already knows what we need and want, We just have to ask for it. I then committed them to pray every night, and they seemed more motivated!

The Language is coming along a lot better, I can understand probably 90 percent in lessons now, but normal talk is still difficult when i don’t know what the subject is. But I wasn’t called to do normal talk, so hopefully it’ll come within the next few weeks I’m just going to focus on my teaching skills and vocabulary for lessons right now. the rest will come with time.

We had Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday, and the 2 70s of the area were here. There talks were excellent! and it was great to have an English straight to French Translator, I learned so many new words! During the priesthood session he called all the young men up to the stand. Then asked the steak president to go through name by name and ask them their age and priesthood office. Roughly 50 percent of the young men he called up weren't up to date in the church’s main system. Whenever he found one that wasn't up to date he would call the bishop of that boys ward up, and then the clerk, and make him promise all of us that he wouldn't forget about records. 

The General Authority then said; what if this young man went to another ward and wanted to bless the sacrament? To the other ward h. e is still a teacher, and that means to the church he is still a teacher. He then stated that until it is in the church system, the ordination/ any work that needs to be recorded is not recorded in heaven. It was pretty intense, but at the same time really funny. I kept looking over at elder Purdy (the zone leader) with a I can’t believe he just did that face! 

His talk on Sunday was also stupendous as well. He addressed cohabitation and same sex marriage directly. He said whenever we are confronted with these things teach the plan of salvation. Where in the plan of salvation is the plan of cohabitation, the plan of same sex marriage? It’s nowhere. To what end are these practices worth it? Nothing, nothing comes of them in eternity. Do you think that that is the condition that we are going to be living in heaven? It was pretty impressive. 

Several of our investigators were there that needed to hear that. I had also been wondering how exactly does the sacrament purify us each week like baptism? He answered my query in his talk by saying that when the priest blesses and SANCTIFIES the bread and water, he is also doing the same for the entire congregation, and we recommit ourselves to those baptismal covenants each week. It was interesting.

Kirstin’s departure is speedily coming up! I wish her luck! (his sister who reports to MTC in Provo 20 November to learn Japanese, before going to Tokyo) 

Love you all,

Orometua Molinari

Haere Mary Haere Papu (slowly but surely)

 Eating Fafaru

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