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Friday, December 6, 2013

I Don't Know What Week It Is Anymore

Hello. Well that was weird.

This week has been a lot of hard intense searching. Sometimes missionary work is mostly fishing instead of feeding but that's fine. We extended nearly 30 challenges to do missionary work and followed up on nearly 30 members missionary work this week. Elder superstar had given me an enormous list of names when he left and most of this week was spent searching out all the people who were on the list. Some of them for investigators that had just been put on hold for no reason!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!yeah I know, I was pretty furious when you hear yeah we had a lesson scheduled but so and so never showed up and we thought well maybe they are busy. Sp they waited and waited and a month and a half goes by and Elder Tumarae and I show up. Luckily the Lord kept there hearts soft and they all were very happy to recommence the lessons. So all in all we got 6 new investigators this week. and we fixed 2 baptisms woooooo! Both 11 year-olds who are part of part member families. They read the scriptures and do their prayers every night. And there influence is actually re integrating the inactive families in the ward again. A Mami who has been inactive for a while came to church this for the first time in who knows how long, because I think she has joined in saying prayers with them. Its amazing how Heavenly Father Works.

Well, now that my companionship troubles are over for a season Elder T. and I can turn our attention to the next problem: Missionary work in the ward. Elder T. and I are going to really hit it hard to jump start this zone. We want to show the members here that missionary work actually works. We are going to start with working hard with the bishop and the bishopric, and from there hopefully the success fasting and prayers will trickle down and infect the ward as well. All we can really do is work. 

Elder Tumarae is hilarious, he likes to sing in the shower and is always patting his belling and saying I had lots of blessings in my old secteur, he was on the Tuamotus. Like I said his favorite phrase is bien maigrir, but he doesnt have any problem clearing out the fridge! Which isnt too much of a problem because he like to buy most of the food, which is ok with me because between you and me he eats most of it! :) Its been really good though, he knows how to teach and speak and always has really good advice. Hes just coming off of a hard companion as well. Dont add this part: his companion was an american who had basically given up trying to learn french, he had been out for a year and spoke far far worrse french then I do according to Elder T. Elder T helped lift him back up again and they worked hard in there zone. So we are both very happy to be working the way we are right now. I hope ill get to be with him for a while but He will probably just finish out my training and Either I or he will be transfered, and ill probably train either in my zone or a new one.

Some wierd things have been happening lately. I dont know how to ex^plain it, maybe you can ask blaine about it when he gets back but you start to forget what you look like. Like, you forget that you are a white american surrounded by polynesians sometimes. Its rather bizarre and I dont know exactlt how to explain what it feels like. Also The people now all look so different and unique. When I first got here I had trouble telling sme poeple apart, but now its like every one looks completely different but the same still. And I think my steps towards becoming tahitian are progressing. The last two nights I was cold and went for an extra blanket!? It was about 2 oclack in the morning and my thoughts were jeez im cold, it cant be less than 70 degrees...I need another blanket! Yeah its pretty funny, but I dont mind really its almost nice! Also we were at a family home evening the other night in tahitian, and everyone was searching for a word, including the grandparents who were assisting with us. Then I found the word first: upootia! It means to overcome. It was great, everyone lost i because the american found the word first, and the bishop said well i guess he is more of a taata Tahiti (man tahitian) then us! It was pretty funny.

Kirstin sounds like she is having a good time. apart from the drama. Wo, massive deja vu just now. anyways, she should be fine. There are a lot of high school like tendencies at the MTC because of the age lowering but you just have to ignore them and not let poeple bother you. Your concern is you work for the Lord and that is all that matters, if other missionaries think they are better then you then that is unfortunate and their problem. Anyways I already sent a letter to her!

I've been reading the general conference talks, and I particularly like one where the story goes: there was a stake president and a 70, and the stake in question had lots of problems with unification. And the president asked the 70 what he should do. The 70 responded tell them to read the scriptures, and president asked which scriptures and he responded, its doesnt really matter. Ive been using that so much lately. If you read the scriptures you will invite a spirit into your life, and be able to overcome tons of obstacles sometimes without even realising it. Like elder Bednar said, sometimes we dont even realise all the subtle ways the lord is blessing us. totally true.

My matress is pretty much gone now, im going to have to ask for a new one. Oh and preach my gospel is amazing, I would suggest using it to teach the lessons to nicholas for family nights, and also invite other non members to family nights.

Love you all!

Alma Chapter 7

Elder Molinari