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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday 22 December 2013 Uturoa, Raiatea

The only thing that’s really happened since I last emailed is a baptism!

We've been teaching 2 kids named Temahani and Mehani. They are cousins, and both age 11. They are totally awesome, and were totally ready for their baptism. Their family is inactive right now, but there baptism has sparked a new motivation in the family. The grandmother is coming to church again, and the grandfather even came to the baptism. It was really special.

Before the baptism they were both a little nervous, and didn’t really know what to expect. After I had baptized them both they said they started crying when they came up out of the water. I told them it was there spirit rejoicing with all the angels and Heavenly Father and Christ in heaven. After that they both went up to bear their testimonies. Even though their testimonies were written they both were overcome by the spirit as they bore their testimonies. It was really powerful and special. It’s really touching when the spirit overcomes children, because they don’t exactly know what’s going on, but they always push right through. Even the hard old Grandfather was tearing up. Of course I lost it, everyone was tearing up, the spirit was so powerful, and it felt like the chapel was full of angels.

It was great, and exactly what that family and I needed.

Afterwards an older member came up to me and whispered, "you were the door". That really hit me for some reason. It makes you realize how little a step baptism is in comparison to all the blessings that await after the baptism. It literally is just the door, but a very ornate door at that.

I was getting nervous about transfers coming up after this week, but after this baptism, I’m actually really calm. I feel like this is the family I was sent here for, to get them back on the path to full activity, they’ve all started attending chapel since I got here, except for the papi, but I hope the baptism will get some gears turning. I feel like I've accomplished what I need to, and if I need to move on it won’t bother me at all. Missionaries are kind of like the way Jesus describes those who are born of the spirit in John 3. The wind bloweth where it listeth or something like that.

This week was particularly hard; most of our amis are getting hit with trials, and stuff. The other side is really strong at the moment. Pray for us, I think they are aware that we could actually meet the mission goal of 1200 baptisms. Thank you for all you do. I think its second Nephi 9, which Nephi talks about Adam and Eve. It’s an absolutely flawless lesson, of the creation and fall. I’ve been studying it to know how to teach that better. If not its second Nephi 2, either way they are both REALLY good chapters. That’s all. Love you all!

Elder Molinari

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