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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming Up On Six Months

27 January 2014 Uturoa, Raiatea

Coming Up On Six Months

Honestly I don’t know where the time went. That’s about all I have to say about that.

The work is coming along, I can definitely see a change in the ward, attendance has jumped up by about 50 and we just went over 200 last Sunday. Which is a lot better pour rapport when I got here; I think it was near 120.

In the wards in French Polynesia, I don’t know if they have this at home, but they have this program called reactivation. All the auxilliare leaders gather on Tuesday night and we visit inactive families. We split into little groups and head to visit people to invite them to church, meet needs. Its a really inspired program. However at the beginning hardly anyone would come. Last Tuesday we had 20 people attend!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was incredible. We split into 5 groups of 4 and visited nearly 20 families that night.

During the reactivation my group visited this old man who hasn’t come to church in a loooong time. I knew it would all be in Tahitian, and since my group was people who had never done reactivation and a new convert I was in charge. So I started out in my Tahitian, and it went pretty well. We fixed a fast for him at the end of the week to help him overcome his trials. One of the others that was with me after we finished the visit said, once elder started talking in Tahitian I thought oh great now we are all obligated to talk in Tahitian. It was pretty funny.

The Tahitians always tell us Americans that our Tahitian is better than theirs, I don’t really know about that, it helps that they can understand everything that is being said! It was pretty funny. After that 20 people came to the fast for the papi on Saturday, it was really powerful. Even if he didn’t come to church it was a step in the right direction and I knew he was touched.

I think we are on the cusp of having a lot of baptisms, we’ve been teaching several families for a while, and now its up to them to act on the feelings they have. Hopefully they will make the right decision!

Funny story....We had a lesson and Elder Tumarae asked if they had they doctrine and covenants in Tahitian, what he said was "Tei a oe te parau faufau" what he meant to say was "parau faufaa". Translation he asked if they had the dirty word, not the word covenants. It was pretty funny.

The Tahitian is coming along...slowly. but languages don’t come quickly very often, and on a mission the 2-3 months it takes to learn a language is already REALLY fast. Neil L Anderson is coming to visit in February, as well as 2 of the 70. All the missionaries are going to Tahiti and we are going to have a special meeting with him, and all the new Americans will have just arrived as well. Then there is going to be a grand transfer i think. The new objectives for the year were put in place, but it wasn’t by the mission president the Area 70 gave us the objectives. we did 847 baptisms last year. The new goal is 1847 baptisms for this year. I think we are going to be getting tons of missionaries here in the coming year, as well as open lots of new sectuers. I hope.

In the words of one of our investigators, Ia nanu, petite a petite, pas forcer. IF you can tell this particular investigator likes the cannabis it’s alright we’ve noticed a change recently.

Well...That’s about all. Read Enos 1-9 then 12 its really good. 

Nana, bonne semaine

Elder Molinari