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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Week On Tahiti

24 February 2014, Uturoa, Raiatea

OK, this week I wasn't in Raiatea at all. We left Tuesday and we got back Saturday. It was AWESOME!

It has been a while since I left my sectuer. We stayed at the house in Faripiti, I think, with the assistants and the zone leaders of Papeete. It was super fun. I'm not sure why it was so fun, it just was.

Anyways, the reason we all went to Tahiti, "tous la monde" (ed. note: all the world or the whole world went), was because Elder Nelson came to visit us. He is one of the 12 Apostles. We had a special meeting with him as well as President Callister and Elder Pearson. Their wives were there as well. They all gave talks. They were pretty powerful. 

Sister Nelson talked about the premortal life, and talked about how when we study certain topics that resonate with us, that may have been one of your specialties in the premortal world. Also, she cited a quote from Joseph Smith that said, "If you could look into heaven for 5 minutes, you could learn more about a subject than studying it your entire life."

Elder Nelson said some pretty awesome stuff too. He said, "If people don't accept our message, it's because they aren't from the House of Israel." It was pretty interesting, but kind of harsh at the same time. He also told us to read 1 Nephi 15. He cited a few scriptures in it pertaining to the Abrahamic Covenant. He said all of the prophets have prophesied about this generation. We are the generation that has the opportunity to FULFILL THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT. Then he kind of hopped on the podium and threw his hands up. It was pretty funny.

Yeah, so read 1 Nephi 15 carefully. I don't remember much else right now. I'm really tired. 

In Tahiti, the traffic is craaazy! We ate at McDonalds too much; they call McDonalds "Macdo". When you eat there you have no regrets, except later, when you recreate the Hoover dam in your intestinal track. 

Well, I don't really want to end the email with that thought. What else? 

Oh, I'll be getting transferred next transfer (ed. note: end of March), but I don't know where. We'll see. 

I love you all!!!!

Wish I could watch the Olympics!!!

Love, Elder Molinari