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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We had a baptism this week!

17 February 2014 Uturoa, Raiatea

We had a baptism this week! Woooooooooooooooooooo

It's been a while.

Alice et moi. Her son, who baptized her is to the left.
The baptism was nice. It's always nice to have a baptism every now and then as a missionary. Although, we had to do it twice because her son, who was baptizing her, didn't put his arm that she was holding in the water. Then after, I completely forgot to tell her that the reason we had to do it again was because she wasn't completely submerged. It was a really special moment for her son. 

After, she bore her testimony. It was REALLY short, but powerful. She got up. Thanked everyone. Then said, "aujoudhi, je suis contente." (Today, I am happy.) And that was all. It was a really nice baptism.
My new companion, Elder Demuynck. This is the airport in Raiatea. 
Everything you can see is the airport. It's very small. No security checks, nothing. 
My new companion is Elder Demuynck. He is from Paris and he's totally awesome. He's definitely a lot stricter than my other two Tahitian companions, but I think I need a little bit of rigidity in my life right now. In fact, he's actually a lot like me. We have tons of similar interests. However, the problem is, sometimes we go to bed late...cough, cough.

He speaks French really well! I realized the difference between Tahitian French and Parisian French this week. He arrived on Wednesday. He’s been serving for 18 months now, and its been mostly in Tahiti, he did 2 months in the Tuamotus, but other than that its been just Tahiti. So...he doesn’t speak very much Tahitian. Well he doesn’t speak Tahitian. So its been awesome, all the Tahitians speak Tahitian with me. He actually wants to learn it now, since everyone around him speaks it. Its REALLY hard to learn Tahitian if you are on the main island, so he’s going to take advantage of it while he is here. His father is French and his mother is GuadeloupĂ©en. Except for the fact that his eyes are blue/green, he might pass as a native (Well that and maybe gain 100 pounds!).

It's really nice, because he eats breakfast like me, just a little. So we won't be spending tons of money on food. He wants to be a Manga artist when he returns home. So he has an imagination like mine, so we just talk and talk. But we work as well! He is a super hard worker. He's been a zone leader for most of his mission. I think he got transferred here to learn Tahitian;) He teaches really well too. No complaints yet xD 

I think I'm going to be transferred in March when all the new Americans come. I think maybe I was just here for Alice. I gave her several very powerful, poignant blessings and even her stubborn husband consented to a blessing. Heavenly Father had a lot to say to Him.

The ward attendance has jumped by about 50+. The reactivation night is now set nicely in place with the bishop who presides and leads it - not the missionaries. I think Elder Demuynck will train here when I get transferred. OR I will stay and train. I think it's one of those two options.