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Monday, March 24, 2014

Not much happened this week.

24 March 2014 Tiapa Paea, Tahiti

Well not much happened this week, except the transfers and everything. So many people are moving around. President opened up lots of new islands in the Tuamotus and he opened Hive Oa again in the Marquises. Elder Lovelock is heading to Hiva Oa so that was pretty exciting! I'll stay here where I am and be the District Leader and I'm training an "Elder Smith". That’s all I know for now. I’ll meet him after midi on Tuesday. In my District there will be 4/5 companionships of sisters training. I’m bracing myself for whatever will be the result of that. Maybe that’s why I was put here to keep a level head! So all in all, in our Zone we will have 6 new missionaries. I think that’s more than any other Zone.

There is a lot of sadness in this area. Lots of drinking and drugs. I don’t think there is exactly more than Raiatea, but because I’m in such a small area I know about it all. And for all the people that say marijuana doesn’t do anything to your brain, they are wrong. When you smoke and drink too much you become crazy. Literally. I can’t tell you how many people have fallen into JUST marijuana here and are now completely useless. It’s like they have been lobotomized and then given the mind of a child. It’s very sad to see. We need to be grateful everyday for the lives we live. We have more blessings and more safety than we even realize.

The language is still coming along. I switched all my studies/ reading to Tahitian a few weeks ago. I’m a few chapters into second Nephi, but its slow going with Isaiah. Most of the words were invented to translate Isaiah. I also got a super awesome compliment the other day from a member from Huahine. We were in the Faatamaaraa (missionary meal) and he told me he already knew where I had served the first time I talked with him because of my ACCENT. HA! Best compliment on mission so far. He said that there is an accent from Raromatai. Oh man did that give me motivation to keep plugging along in Tahitian. 

This Sunday I was able to follow the discussion for the most part in Priesthood meeting, and I even added to it, several times. I thought that was a pretty big milestone :) So things are going well in that respect. I have lots of help, in the morning when I read the Buka a Moromona, the words that I translate are used throughout the day, no matter how random. I translated Sheep (mamoe) and sheppard ( Tiai) the other day and someone used those to words, in a conversation that wasn’t even about the gospel. It’s nice to know that someone is there helping you learn the language quicker! I hope Elder Smith is ready to speak lots of Tahitian!

I just think the hardest thing will be finding ways to fill the day up; lots of member visits maybe xD

I’m sorry to hear about Brother Kie, but I’m sure he was in a lot of pain, and he’s probably having an amazing time with all the people he did temple work for. "How great your joy will be with the souls you have saved" or something like that. I just realized you and Daddy have hit that point in your life where people start dying. But don’t worry; there is literally no reason to fear death. In fact, I think it will probably be like coming up out of water after holding your breath for a long time. Pure relief.