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Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Week -Still Pushing Ahead

14 July 2014 Bora Bora

Resort on one of the motus

This week we finally visited the other side of the island. Well, we had visited Anau, but we had never been completely at the end of Anau. So we biked completely to the other side and it was pretty awesome. It’s the side with all the resorts, 4 seasons, Talaso, St. Regis, there’s one other one but I don’t remember the name. Not very many people as well. The road is also right next to the ocean, with a rocky cliff on the island side. It’s really beautiful and peaceful. It took FOREVER to get out there though, maybe an hour and a half?

This week we recommited to try to talk to more people. So we went into this sketchy dirt road out on the other side of the island and ran into an awesome family. We shared our message and gave him a Book of Mormon. He actually said he was super interested in reading it. The only problem right now is the Heiva. It’s a large cultural festival held every night this month. It's actually just another excuse to get blind drunk, I've just nicknamed it Babylon Festival. It starts at sundown and goes till 3 or 4 in the morning. Alors, everyone is too busy sleeping, or to busy heiva-ing to do lessons! July and Christmas are the two dead seasons for missionary work here in Tahiti. Apparently everyone works at it as well. So in other words people aren't really interested this time of year.

The prayers seem to be working, Monia's husband started coming to the lessons out of nowhere. He also came to church yesterday, it was pretty awesome. It would be awesome if you could pray for a family whose name is Tropée. They are a family we've recontacted who were going to get married and baptized, and then the father stopped everything. We've started the lessons encore, and things are going well- but we want them to be successful this time.

President Bize is really awesome. It seems there will be less of a Mission president/missionary wall. He's French but he's been living in the US for a while. He's also going to make sure that foreign missionaries take this opportunity to learn English. Since he learned his English with his English companions, and it helped him a ton later on and he wants that for all non English speaking missionaries. As well, they reported the apostles are going to make some changes focused on teaching more for conversion, as well as focusing more on reactivation of inactive and new convert members. I’m interested to see what will happen.

If you have a Preach my Gospel, read in chapter one the section titled The Restoration. It’s pretty powerful and will help you share the gospel with others, as well as the most important things that need to be made known.

Ok, I love you all!

Elder Molinari