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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another Week at Bora

30 June 2014 Bora Bora
Lagoon de Bora on my boat ride from the airport to the island.
Well it turns out that it seems like there is a lot of work to do in ALL our assignments.

Let's try to describe the situation here at Bora...They are about to separate into 3 wards, but they are still trying to figure out how they are going to do it. Normally you split a ward by the number of tithe payers, but here they want to do it by area, because it just won’t work in the more rural part of the island. It was actually supposed to already happen, but has been pushed off for a while. There are a LOT of inactive members, like 2 times the ward’s attendance number of active members. So step one; we're going to reboot the crashed reactivation program before we worry about anything else.

We have a pretty good number of amis (ed. note: friends), but we are going to have to work to get them to progress. They are too used to missionaries just coming, visiting and then not setting any habits. So we are going to work til all the investigators read the Book of Mormon and then pray daily. It’s a very big difference from Tiapa where all our amis read what we asked them to and prayed. We have some solid familes that we have recontacted, who are REALLY ready to be baptized- now let’s just grow the faith to be able to say yes.....Let’s just say, we need to sound the alarm because there are quite a few people "sleeping through the restoration".

For this past week, we did a TON of biking out to Matira and Anau every day. It's a pretty good haul out there as well. But we get to see the BEAUTIFUL - EVERYTHING. So I'm not really bothered. 

We ate at this pizzeria at Matira and it was delicious, then the French owner gave us 2 more pizzas on the house. We ate way too much pizza. Like I said before, I am EXTREMELY more appreciative of normal sector sizes since being in tiny Tiapa. We managed to find 8 new investigators last week, and we hope to find more this week. It’s pretty nice.
Not a good shot of Matira beach. It goes on and on.
I forgot how nice the islands were, and how most people will talk to you and be friendly. I'll try to send more pictures during the week if I have the chance.

Ok, Have a good week, love you all!

Elder Molinari