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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bora Bora bum bum bum da da bum bum bum da da

23 June 2014 Bora Bora

You'll have to see if you can find the Bora Bora song on You Tube. I'll have to send pictures later - we are in the clerk’s office emailing, and it’s not allowed to use USB drives here; mostly because they think ANY USB key will bring viruses and crash the computer...non tech savvy people (rolls eyes). By later I mean later today.

Approaching Bora Bora from the east.
We flew into Bora and it was excellent. The island looked beautiful. I thought Raiatea had a lot of blues in the lagoon, but I was sorely mistaken. Bora won. The Airport is on one of the motus around the island, so we got to take the boat- and it was awesome! there are actually 6 Elders on Bora right now; 3 sectors, Anau, Faanui, and Vaitape. The problem is there is only 2 wards. 

They were supposed to divide into 3 wards this month - but it got pushed to the end of July. So we've been going around as companionships of 3 and not 2. 6 elders also means that there are 6 Elders in 1 house. It’s pretty crowded; we all sleep on the floor with super old sketchy mattresses, lots of mosquitoes. Its everything I wanted it to be. 

A view of Bora Bora from the north

It's so nice to be back in the islands, long bike rides, beautiful views. In our sector in Anau we have all those bungalow hotel things - and all the members work at them, so one day we will go visit. We also have Matira Beach in our sector. You can just hit Google to see what that means. It’s pretty awesome.

Matira Beach
Other news I'm not sure I've been in a ward that works yet - that pattern continues - BUT at this point I'm used to it and know what to do. It’s also incredible to be in a sector that takes more than an hour to traverse :)

ok. Expect photos later today.

[Note from editor: No photos were sent. These are taken from the internet, but are the places to which he refers. I believe the background picture behind all of this is Matira Beach as well.]

Love you all!

Elder Molinari