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Monday, June 16, 2014


16 June 2014 Tiapa Paea

Well I got my call Thursday and I will be leaving Tiapa Wednesday morning.

I got transferred out to Bora Bora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited.

Maybe its because I took all those photos of Bora Bora at Raiatea. I’ll be serving in the Anau sector - which is HUGE. I'm pretty hyped to have a reasonably sized sector again. What makes it even better is I'll be serving with Elder Peterson. I served in the same zone as him when I was at Raiatea, he was at Vaiaau, so we already know each other and we are pretty good friends. Im excited for the trip because the airport is on a Motu around the island - which means I get to take the boat to the main island! :)

Apart from transfers not much occurred this week, just a normal week of lessons and stuff. 

One of the members had an air rifle and we shot mangos in the tree with it. As you can imagine it doesn’t knock the mangos down, so there are tons of mangos with tiny holes in them. I nearly got one down by shooting the tiny vine, but it didn’t cut it enough!

In other news I'm very close to figuring out how to solve a Rubicks cube, a member gave one to Elder Smith and I've managed to figure out how to do 2 layers, independently.

Here is a nice video for Father's Day:

I really enjoyed Alma chapters 11-13 or maybe 14 as well. Read with the temple in mind and it’s pretty interesting. I particularly liked the teachings on the priesthood and the pre-mortal life Alma gives in I think chapter 13. 

Ok - have a good week!

Love you all

Elder Molinari