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Monday, June 9, 2014

Waterfalls and Birds

9 June 2014 Tiapa Paea
This is part of our sector that we visit a lot.
Well, this week will be the last week of training. I don't want to say anything about transfers because I might jinx something. This week was a little slow, BUT we managed to fix a baptismal date and marriage of one of our investigators thanks to A LOT of divine help. We finished teaching about the plan of salvation and it just clicked for him. There were a lot of things that clicked for me too. We taught it in a series of 3 lessons and it was probably the best we have ever taught it, mostly because he read the chapters in the Book of Mormon we gave him every night.

Before this series of lessons the Plan of Salvation lesson always seemed to me like a really long lesson full of a lot of rather disconnected elements. Now after the string of chapters we gave him, and seeing it right in a row, it was incredible how logical the whole thing is; even the Creation and Fall. The whole thing rests on the two types of death; spiritual and physical, and how Christ's atonement overcame the two. Those two deaths are the stumbling blocks for every living being. It was also interesting that we were sent here to learn and progress and we do that by using agency to choose and then learn the difference between good and evil.

I had an inspiring lesson where I was helped to realize that we learn the difference 2 ways: by following commandments or by partaking. The commandments tell us ahead of time what is bad, so we can learn the difference by following them, and receiving blessings. Conversely, we can partake of the bad and have unwanted short or long term consequences. This is true for people that don’t even realize they are following commandments as well. So in effect, everyone learns something in the end, whether they want to or not. Thought that was interesting. Anyways we finished that, taught the Loi de chastet√© and engaged for marriage and baptism the 26 of July. He didn’t even hesitate when he said yes. It was a miracle.

What else did we do...still trying to find people to teach...finding people to teach is like trying to find a perfect pearl.

We went on a hike today that was pretty awesome. It rained ALL day yesterday so we thought the waterfall would be a little more cool than the flop it was last time we went. However, when we were about an hour in it started pouring out. We got so wet, but it was awesome because it kept us a little cold. The waterfall still was just ok as far as waterfalls go, but it was fun being soaked.

It was raining really hard when we got to the waterfalls
All wet!
We were hoping for better pictures. I promise it was only knee deep.

When we returned from the hike, we discovered two birds in our house. 

I tamed one.

I recommend 2 Nephi 2 and 9 again, as well as Alma 40 and 34. They are some of my favorite chapters as far as doctrine goes. We had Stake Conference this weekend and it was pretty awesome. President Sinjoux gave a killer talk, he had a phrase that I REALLY liked, and came as an answer to lots of pondering about how to describe what makes our Church unique. I had already thought to talk about modern Revelation and prophets and stuff, but I needed something with a little more punch. Well he gave it to me, and I really liked it. It sounds cooler in French. 

"We don't teach interpretations of the Bible, we teach pure truth revealed by God himself."
-P. Sinjoux

Ok. Love you all.

Elder Molinari