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Monday, June 2, 2014

Another Week of Celebrations

2 June 2014 Tiapa Paea

Not sure really where this week went. Not much to report on this week. We drove around a lot because we had lots of baptismal interviews to do in the other secteurs. I finally figured out how to do the handbrake start; it wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be. I had some kind of weird cold all this week, so I've been super tired and my nose is always dripping and plugged up. It's a little better now.

This morning we went to a skate park while everyone was at school. So it was empty. We didn't have skateboards so we used our bikes!

Don't ask.
Made it!

Elder Smith

Elder Smith et moi

We had to go for an epic shot after
Ok, This E-mail took a while to write because I got really distracted. Elder Calves and Elder White came to us while we were emailing, saying they needed help moving the dryer at the sisters’ house. 

So we went over there, and I was rather confused because the dryer should be pretty light. Then they said they needed to move it to the terrace of the house, so I followed them and voila! It was actually a surprise birthday party! The whole zone was there. It was pretty fun. In Tahiti there’s this weird tradition where you sing happyu birthday in French, then Tahitian, and sometimes English. So after that was done I blew out the candles and we ate. It was a nice surprise. 

Yesterday, my actual birthday, I celebrated in two places. One of them I didn't even know was going to happen.

If I get transferred I'm going to miss this zone, it's super unified. I think that’s one thing I've learned from Elder Calves. He's my zone leader, and he was my zone leader at Raiatea. He is always doing something with the zone, even if its poorly planned sometimes, or not much of an activity. The zone spends a lot of time together on P-days, and I think it helps the missionary work a lot by keeping all our morales up.

Here is a link to the 170 Year Celebration we were in last week:

Sadly we lost our Tahitian lesson with the Mami. She’s really busy with wedding preparations this month for a 400 person wedding. I think she’s in charge of flowers. So she put lessons on hold for this month. But we still go by to visit. Those lessons that we did REALLY I mean REALLY helped my Tahitian improve. ‘Cus we mostly just read the Book of Mormon and then I would connect it with the lesson topic. So I was getting a mini pronunciation lesson when she would read the Book of Mormon. Maybe I didn’t have a lot of baptisms in Tiapa, but I’ve progressed in a ton of other areas, so I'm grateful I was put here.

I don’t have much more else to share.

Love you all!

Elder Molinari