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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Week!

21 April 2014 Tiapa Paea

We had a little bit of progress this week. We had a service project at DMP's house. We helped him clear out his garden, which was incredible overgrown! It went well, then we made some new mounds for plants, and planted I think cabbage? So we’ve gotten pretty close to our DMP recently and we were pretty united in our coordination meeting this week. In an interview I had with President Sinjoux he just told me to "faire bouger les choses", simply get things moving. So we got some things moving; planned family nights with the ward leaders. Elder Smith and I made a reading calendar for the book of Mormon and the bishopric is going to start a ward reading program - because no one does- and we have a few open houses in the run.

We have a slightly crazy man that we visit that thinks Elder Smith is related to Joseph smith. Its just easier to say yes than to try to explain anything. However the other day I was talking with his wife and he was talking with them and he accidently said yes that he is going to be the future prophet...oh boy don’t know how we are going to get over that little bump.

We helped a drunken man out of the street Friday. He smelled sooo badly of alcohol. Mind you this is before noon. He had fallen in the gutter and he was staggering in and out of the road. We got him out of the road and then the police turned up thankfully because I wasn’t really sure what to do after that. It was funny.

OK, so this Sunday Elder Smith and I gave a special musical performance. So Saturday night the Bishops wife asked him if he could sing in Sacrament meeting, and Elder Smiths go to response is "oui". So we ended up having to sing/play piano on Sunday. He picked how firm a foundation, which honestly wasn’t too bad to play. But we sped off to the Chapel After the meal Saturday to practice a little. It was sooo funny. It worked out in the End. With Divine help I didn’t mess up on the piano and his singing pronunciation wasn’t too bad :) Actually the piano playing is coming along, its not too hard to play things now!

Today we hiked into the valley to see the waterfalls. The waterfalls were pretty lame since it hasn’t rained in like 4 weeks, but other than that it was an awesome hike. We actually ran into Frère Mairau. He is from Rurutu in the Australes but he has land here that they live on. He’s got this faaapu next to a cliff built on an ancient group sleeping site.

He has lots of goats and a pig and duck and chickens.

He cleared all the land himself. It was pretty neat. We met him walking up the path with a chainsaw over the shoulder, followed by his three dogs. It was pretty funny. I think he is in one of the pictures.

Umm...Still stuck and slowly moving through Isaiah in 2 Nephi in Tahitian right now. Isaiah 15 was pretty neat, talks directly about our day. There was a quote that I really like from general conference:

"The day's complexity demands further simplicity" - L. Tom Perry

Interpret it as you will, it just hit me hard. I also liked:

"Knowledge comes only through prayer and study" - Boyd K. Packer

These quotes are invaluable help for seeking new ideas for ourselves spiritually and temporally.

Bon Semaine! Faaitoito! Ua here au ia outou

Elder Molinari