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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sick Week

28 April 2014 Tiapa Paea

Well Tuesday I got my first mission migraine. It was awful, just went home and crashed. Then to top it off, I got sick after it. And because of the migraine I couldn’t even read! So I've basically been sick this entire week. But don't worry I'm better now.

Finally we found a new investigator, the step sister of DMP (ed. note: Ward Mission Leader). I think she was really ready for the lessons. Also DMP is preparing another potential investigator for us. We had a Family Night at his house and he invited the potential investigator. She is about 20, and speaks only Tahitian -by choice- you should have seen the look on her face when we broke out the Tahitian as well, never gets old. So we had a good Family Night in all Tahitian. We are going to go little by little with her because she is active in the protestant church, and her adoptive father is VERY active, chase-away-missionaries-active ;)

So the work progresses here little by little. Since we now have the confidence of the members a little more its starting to pick up. And pick up for Tiapa is just a few here and there. Sadly it wasn’t fast enough for someone, so this week we are going to get the "traveling assistants". I'm not exactly sure what we are going to do, but I’m excited to get some help if they can offer it.

We did our last concert last night. It was kind of sad to finish since it was fun to see all the other missionaries every weekend. I had a nice surprise that night though. Frère Guilan was visiting his daughter at Tahiti and they decided to come to the concert. It was so awesome to see him there.

Frere Guilian et moi
Papai. It was sweet and delicious. Not like whatever they call papaya at home (ed. note: he may never be able to eat fruit at home again). It’s not exactly squid, but it will have to do! 
(ed. note: for reference, go to This is his sister's blog.)

Other than that nothing much else has happened. Elder Smith and I made some videos. He has a "super slow motion" setting on his camera, so we had some fun with it.

Well that’s all for sick week!

Bonne semaine! Love you all!

Elder Molinari