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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Last Week of This Transfer

12 January 2015 Tautira

Well, this week was spent mostly at the house because Elder Kokona was confined to his bed. Thursday we did a split so we could do some of our lessons, so Elder Kokona went to Toahotu, and Elder Peterson (my comp. from Bora) came over and we worked for a few days so the week wasn't totally lost.

So...I don't have too much to share. Maybe some insights? I did a study not too long ago being poor in heart vs. having a broken/contrite heart. With the infusion of a little Alma 42 doctrine I came to the conclusion the two are actually Meekness, and penitence. Meekness being the ability to submit to trails and unjustness, and penitence being a fervent desire to repent when noticing one's defaults or if they are pointed out. This week I was doing a little studying and I've come to the conclusion that the two, meekness and penitence, are what makes up humility. So humility, true humility, is the capacity to take trials, and a desire to change and repent. (Alma 42:24)

Also I've really enjoyed the counsel that Alma gave to his son Shiblon in Alma 38. Not only does he give a clear and concise testimony of the Savior in verse 9 (quoting 2 Nephi 31:21 might I add), but the counsel he gives in verses 10-12 I find particularly applicable to myself. All this week I've been meditating on the verse 11 and above all 12. Let us all try to apply this counsel in our daily lives to be truly humble.

Well, I've got nothing left to say. Next week!

Elder Molinari