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Monday, January 19, 2015

Weird Week

19 January 2015, Tautira

Well since Chikungunya stays in your system for 6 months or more I "got it" again this week; and even when you don't have it, its like your biking with arthritis. SO FRUSTRATED. Ok, now that the venting is out we can continue.

Teramai's baptism is tomorrow, we're all pretty excited for it, good way to start of the year for the ward, first month with a baptism. Anyways, Teramai is so awesome, and shes SO ready. Which means that the baptism is going to be a powerful spiritual experience for her and everyone else there.

I'm not really sure what to write... Feels like I've been here in Tautira forever, but I think its one of my favorite sectors. Oh yeah! We went to the temple on Tuesday. We drove ALL the way there, and then they told us the session was full...and it was the last one. We were with the Zone leaders and Elders of Toahotu. 

All in all we thought it was going to be a pretty anticlimactic visit to the temple. The first Lady that talked to us just told us that it was full, and that we'd have to come back another day. But as a missionary you don't "come back another day", you've got one shot and if you miss it you wait another 2 months til its your turn again. Well as we were about to go an old Tahitian man comes up and says he'll go talk to the temple president, then guess what they did? They organized an extra session for us :) It was super nice of them, and we were so grateful. Just a great illustration of how Tahitians are very tilted towards the "spirit of the law" side if you know what I mean.

Well have a nice week, love you all.

Elder Molinari