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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Week

20 April 2015 Tiare

We went to a marriage in Tautira for Roger and Raymonde.
It was the last of the marriages/baptisms
Elder Kokona and I fixed there!

After the marriage, I baptized Roger. 

Elder Webber baptized Raymonde

Faatamaaraa. This was a typical dinner; fish, lentils and bread.
And that's my companion.
The cooked fish is the same type as the raw fish.

Raw fish marinated in lime juice.
You eat everything except for the back bone!

This week was rather slow except for the MIRACLE baptisms that fall from the sky. One of the families we just started teaching, who came to Tim's baptism, decided they are ready to make the covenant. They've already been taught a number of times but something clicked. It's also been a while that they come to church. So the Mother, Heiate, the father, Jean-Claude, and the Daughter, Ravatea, are being baptised Saturday. Super excited for that. Pictures to come.

In other news we climbed up into the mountain and cut some 12ft bamboo rods. We're going to go fishing tonight.

There's a scripture that I really like in Doctrine and Covenants 42:14. It's actually become somewhat of a slogan for me. Anyways, I gave a training about Faith and I focused in this scripture and developed the phrase "prayer of Faith" with them. I started by quoting Preach my Gospel, "Faith is a principle of power". Now most of the time when we think of this we focus on the definition of power as a supernatural "force" that makes things happen. Well I was tired of that interpretation, and I took the other definition of power," The capacity to do something". Using that interpretation we developed the idea that faith is actually a principle of your capacity to do or accomplish something. Preach my gospel teaches us,

"Your faith will increase through diligent study, prayer, dedicated service, and obedience to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the commandments."

So our "capacity or power" to do something increases as we accomplish these works. The "something" is clear when your a missionary - missionary service- but this principle is applicable to all of us. If we want to be a more useful tool, a servant that has "a powerful faith" we need to do these things to increase our aptitudes. Increasing our confidence in our own abilities, as well as the Lord's, which Increases our faith.

The Prayer of faith, is a prayer of action, a prayer that increases our capacities, spiritually and physically. A prayer which puts us more in tune and gives a a greater capacity to harness the spirit.

Make a great week! Faaitoito

Elder Molinari

My companion, a former companion Elder Lee Chip Sao et moi.