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Monday, April 27, 2015

21 Months

27 April 2015 Tiare

I couldn't think of any other title. I hit the 21 month mark this Friday, but because of my extension I wont hit the 3 month left mark for another 2 weeks :)

I know Elder Johnson likes talking about the "bell lap", I'm on the last 200 meter sprint.

Jean Claude. I wanted to send this one because it is epic.
The person baptising is our ward high council member
This week was great because we had the baptism of the Rattinassamy family.
We had our Baptism this weekend. It was awesome!
Mother-Heiata, Father-Jean-Claude, Daughter-Ravatea

 It was a great service, President Bize gave the talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I liked his experience. He was in a stake conference in a stadium somewhere in California and an apostle was presiding the conference. At the beginning the spirit told him,, "you better be prepared to bare your testimony". He reaction was, nooo, I'm on the other side of the stadium, he doesn't even know me. Then the second time he was prompted to prepare he started to think it might happen. The third time he was prompted he started putting together thoughts to share. Sure enough when the person who was conducting got up he said before we hear from Elder Nelson, he has asked that Pièrre Bize come and bare his testimony. Luckily he had listened and prepared the third time he was told!

This week we have been out searching like crazy for new investigators. We did a lot of contacting. Which means lots of gross unattached dogs all around you. We didn't find anyone, but there are some potentials we can revisit.

This morning I studied virtue. I learned quite a great deal. It is important to have a pure heart if we want to have the spiritual power necessary to work miracles. Also, by purifying our hearts and minds we qualify to "see god". I know that by searching after this attribute we can find an inner strength and serenity that comes from the increased presence of the Spirit. Virtue encapsulates purity, chastity, penitence, integrity, and spiritual receptivity. May we all pray for this divine attribute!

Love you all, 

Elder Molinari