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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

23 February 2015 Tiare
The well-traveled road to Tautira
My companion Elder Kokona and me on our bikes.
"Look Mom, no..." Ooppps, never mind!
This week you get a ton of pictures that I haven't been able to send for months. I hope you enjoy them.
Finally, you get to meet Teramai. She is in the red dress and her aunt is on the right.

I have started a study of flowers. Here are some of my favorites.

The iconic tiare Tahiti
 I've never seen so much "blue" in nature until I came here
Red flowers. The ones above are like little red Christmas trees.

Fresh fish! These are called "fish blue, fish red, fish yellow' and so on.

This is a taro field, ready to be harvested. Taro fields are pretty swampy.

This is tumu uru or breadfruit tree.

This is breadfruit. It's especially delicous with coconut milk and fried canned beef! 

The moon was so bright this night!