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Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 Weeks, I Think?

2 March 2015 Tiare

I’ve been here 2 weeks, I think. Time doesn't make any sense for me anymore, especially when you’re in a car. I had everything organized in my head in Tautira, at least all the travel times, so it’s super weird in a car.

Having the use of a car is an incredible blessing. And having regular meetings with the mission president is so awesome, I absolutely LOVE President Bize. He's super funny. In fact, he thinks very similar to the way I do. It’s pretty funny. My new area is awesome; it’s like being in Raiatea again. It’s a little village like place. I don’t know how to explain it. I’ll have to explain it after. My new companion is awesome. Best Tahitian I've been with; we see things exactly the same way. The ward is the best ward I've ever been in. It runs like it should, and the leaders are highly active in missionary work.

[Editor’s Note: Elder Molinari has been working on trying to register for classes when he returns for the fall semester. So he has spent a little time searching for what he needs to do to end his deferment and enroll in classes for this fall.]

One of my former companions, Elder Peterson, wanted to see if he could room with us for fall winter. I told him to contact you to try to work things out. Because we still have 2 spots right? So don’t be surprised if you get a call from Michael Peterson from California .He’s been home now for two weeks.

This site was incredible helpful.

I just read that returning missionaries are automatically considered for all BYU scholarships. That takes a load off.

It’s very difficult to get discouraged here everyone is just too friendly. I wanted to say this before but atheism hasn't really made it here, and probably won’t. Everyone believes in God. The same spirit of confusion and religious excitement in the time of Joseph Smith is still here. We can tract and have Bible and doctrinal discussions and sometimes clashes :) with enormous amounts of people. It’s an incredible experience serving here.

My companion is playing ping pong with the young men while I am writing. It’s all good!

I'm going to miss this atmosphere a TON. I am not looking forward to coming back to cold Americans.

Umm...sorry I’m going to have to go. I ran out of time!

Love you all, the Gospel is true!

Elder Molinari