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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Real Letter

9 March 2015 Tiare

Sorry about last week, there were a lot of things going on and i didn't really get to write. Thanks for the letters you send to me, I enjoy reading them. I would love to give a report of the week's labors like Sister Molinari, but I just don't remember what happens to us during the week, its such a blur.

Saturday we made pain de raisin with a member in the morning, and then went out contacting with him for about 2 hours. We had a couple of solid contacts, but nothing really fixed, we'll have to work on the follow up.

Other than that we've just been doing a lot of contacting. This sector was in the same state as Tautira when I got there, c'est à dire lots of stagnating investigators. So we did a little refreshing and have spent quite a bit of time this week contacting. Nothing like the thrill of the hunt.
We found some potentials and shared a powerful moment with a couple. We just went to visit, but they wanted to do a lesson. The couple had recently lost there Father, so we talked for a while, then I felt inspired to read some passages from Alma 40. As soon as we started they burst into tears. There was a nice spirit there.

Anyways apart from that just a lot of contacting and lessons. We lost an investigator who is awesome. She's going back to Ahe in the Tuamotus, but that's ok because we have missionaries there.

Other than that not much to say. We met someone of the faith "Bahai". The second person I've met here from that religion...very interesting religion. We asked him where it comes from. The response was, "there's this verse in the bible where we wrote "cloud"." Yeah I still don't get it. But anyways his name is Roby and he's awesome.

During my studies I set a new goal based around the scriptures. Well I haven't gotten there 100%, I feel like I have more and more Alma 17:3 moments So I added my next goal. Which comes from 3 Nephi 7:17-18. Absolutely love those 2 scriptures, Nephi is such a role model for me. The spirit is so strong and when we teach by the spirit we teach by his authority (1 Nephi10:22).

May the spirit be with you all, and may Heavenly Father respond to your prayers!

Love you all.

Elder Molinari