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Monday, March 16, 2015

Our House

Our house is right next to the ocean again. I like it. 
We have AC in my room, perks of being a zone leader I guess ;) 

Ocean from the house. I like to run in the morning in this little field.
This was just one of those classic weeks of missionary work. I'm not too sure what to report on. We met some new people, starting teaching some new couples. As a zone leader we do a lot of training. I went on a split with the Elders at Papenoo. The Elder I was with is named Elder Sorensen. He is pretty awesome, we went contacting and found a couple to teach. 

There was a huge rain storm Saturday night, the wind was making coconut trees lean to the side, it was pretty cool. The waves have been great lately, and my companion is just itching to go out surfing, or in Tahitian, "faahee". Love you all, and have a great week!

I listened to a talk I really liked Its by Its about grace and the atonement. It had a lot of real great insights and thoughts. I invite you all to listen to it.

Love you all

Elder Molinari

[Editor's Notes: He didn't leave a reference where to find the talk he mentions. And the high winds are from a storm front that moved through the south pacific. A category 5 cyclone struck the island nation of Vanuatu where Elder Molinari's last companion, Elder Kokona, was from. Damage reports are still coming in, but it appears that many homes were destroyed and much of the infrastructure as well. Officials estimate 90% of buildings sustained damage.]